Thursday, June 29, 2006


Jon and I went to Seattle for the weekend!! We needed a break from house stuff!! We went up the space needle and went on a boat tour!! We went with Trevor and Holly Stevensen and their two little boys!! It was fun!!
We even got to go to the Zoo... this is us being animals!!
Jon gave me 11 roses for our 11 month anniversary... we are getting close to a year.. and we still like eachother!! That's a good sign huh!! He is a sweetheart.

After Shots!!

This is the new and improved Spear house!! We painted it this cool greenish, grayish color that we found on another house in Medical Lake, we love the color. And of course a red front door, by Michelle!! Michelle and her mom planted flowers but you can't really see them in this picture.. but you can imagine it!! Plus the white trim is new too!! And the front window is new as well... what isn't new??? It's cute though!
The living room has a green wall that we love. Vaulted ceiling too... it is SO nice!!
The master looks small in this picture but it really isn't bad. The king bed fits perfectly and Jon gets his clothes in here.
Ok this is out of order but this is the office .... but it could be considered my closet. I would have you all know I gave away 7 bags of clothes before we moved...although you can't tell!
The living room, right as you walk in. New paint, finished the hard wood floors and created a big opening into the kitchen to open things up.
Yes this is the office.... my favorite. It ORANGE and has hard wood floors. It's so cheerful!!
I love the lighting in the bathroom, and a big mirror... it pretty sweet!

The bathroom again. We put in a surround shower and bath. It is so nice, quick to clean too!
Guest bedroom and sewing room!
This is our cute bathroom. New everything...we gutted the bathroom even though we weren't planning on it. There was mold so we had to take it apart. New flooring, new sink, new toilet.
Our cool washer and dryer... there are new so its kinda exciting for me!! I love doing wash... sad to say I think my mother passed it on to me!!
The kitchen...and of course the doggie door. Gauge and Darby love the door and I do too, I don't have to worry about taking them outside, they can go by themselves.
This is our nice BIG opening that we did from the living room into the kitchen. It was such a good idea...go Jon!! And our nice bay window... Yes those are real plants and yes they are still alive...for now!
This is the new basement....couches will be here also someday but one thing at a time. New carpet and paint, it stays so cool in the basement we spend a lot of time here!!
New countertops, granite squares. They are sweet!! Dad and Tim came up and did the tile on the floor too!! Plus all new appliances, stainless steel of course! I love my new kitchen!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Before Shots

And the kitchen... it has a really cute bay window!
Storage room!
Half of the basement is unfinished and the laundry is in the unfinished part.
The basement...
Let's go downstairs....The carpet in the basement reminds me of a rollerskating place.. its bright orange!
The guy had a big dog that stayed in the house all the time... he scratched all the hard wood that was showing... and he used the house as his personal bathroom ... as we found out after pulling out all the carpet. Yuck!
Nice yellow tiles and clean... don't ya think.
My favorite part of the house.... there is BIG holes in the walls...
This is one of the bedrooms there are three up stairs. Nice dirty smelly carpet.
Sorry I don't know how to rotate this picture. But it is the bathroom... the green is so pretty huh!!
This was the living room - the guy that lived here was very neat and clean
Everyone is wanting pictures of the new house so here they are. These are the BEFORE shots -