Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patrick's Day and Adventures with Family!!

St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without some green breakfast.
I mean it's TRADITION!!

Green Pancakes!!

Nice pic of me... making breakfast and talking on the phone! Talented I know!!

Green "Special Drink" as we call Orange Julius at our house.

Nixon ate 4 pancakes... he was hungry!! He likes to dippy dippy them in jam!

After breakfast we saw FIVE deer in our backyard.... too bad Darby saw them too and they didn't stick around for more pictures!

Nana came into town in the afternoon of St. Patrick's Day and she was able to come to Grandma Spear's house and see what our holiday party is all about!!
Here are my boys in Green!!

Waiting for the bag pipers!! They switched it up on us this year and played in the front yard... OOPS we missed the beginning:)

We are all decked out for the GREEN holiday!!

Nixon liked the music!

The bag pipers! The pictures didn't turn out like I wanted, but you get the idea.

All the on-lookers!!

Katie with some Green Ears!!

The bag pipers were great this year! They were fun and up beat and had some fun songs this year!

Mark and His Dad!

The next day I took Nana to our favorite park.. I left my camera in the car but snapped this photo with my phone. Nixon LOVED the ducks... he was makin' us nervous by how close he got to the water edge... I think he wanted to pet the ducks!!

Then we planted a potato the day after St. Patty's Day because they say it brings you luck!

And let's be serious, we all need more luck in our lives! :)

I made us all Lava Cake for dessert one night. YUM YUM YUM!! It was oozing with warm chocolate and it was delicious!!

On Friday Casey, Chloe and Mac came to visit!! Chloe surprised us with her dance outfit under her clothes. She did a hula dance for us first thing!! ADORABLE!

The kids played great all weekend. Mac loved the dump truck and the cars!!

We went down to Riverfront Park on Saturday and of course hit the Big Red Wagon slide first thing.

Casey and Mac in the wagon.

There we all are!! So far away....
Let's zoom it in! Much better!!

Chloe was so good to take the boys down the big slide with her.

Chloe and Mac... Mac wore sweat pants and made him slippery!

Go Nixon!!

Chloe wanted to stop at the top!! She was funny!

Nana with her snipes on the blocks!!
Feeding the ducks and geese.

Nixon liked the 'birds!'

Mac was a little scary as he tried to take a dive into the water to be with the geese. If we didn't hold on to him, he would have jumped in!!

Mac, Casey and Chloe!!

Nixon loves Nana, he wants to show her everything and he is always making sure he knows where she is at.

Plus, Nana always has fun stuff in her purse to play with.

We took a ride on the carousel.

Mac rode the FAMOUS tiger... from the antique road show.

Chloe on her horse named 'snowflake.'

Me and Nixon... note the strap ONLY goes around the child.. as I was told!
Too bad we sat on the carousel for 10 squirmy minutes to be told that the carousel was broken and we had to get off. But you wouldn't have known that unless I told you... :) Nixon thought riding on it was fun enough!

While we waiting for the carousel to get running again.. which we never did end up riding...we played at the little park.

Chloe and Nixon in the plane.

Nixon liked the slide the best... no surprise there!

Mac liked it too, if we could get him focused enough to make it down.

Chloe had fun pushing the boys in the swings!

We saw the falls... but there wasn't much to see.

The water was pretty low!!

Chloe got a little nervous on the bridge.. but she was able to smile for a cute picture with the Pickett girls!

Nixon eating grapes in our picture.. stinker!

Mac wearing the baby cupcake hat.. silly boy!

All the kids in the play house!! How cute are they???

Watching ... wait for it... CARS! Nixon's favorite show. Every morning Nixon says "Waa Cars, Waa Cars."
Darby and her baby dog!

Nixon thinks everything he drinks is water.. this is him drinking 'special drink' on St. Patrick's Day. More "waaaer" please.

Dancing to the bag pipers!!

Thanks for coming Nana, Casey, Chloe and Mac!! We had so much fun, come again soon!!