Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Texas!


ell it all started with LOTS and LOTS of rain. Jon and I decided to go play in the rain in our pajamas. Rain was pouring off our roof out back and Jon stood under it and then threw me under it too, man it was colder than I was ready for. With my clothes soaked in just seconds we danced around in the back yard. Darby and Gauge looked at us like we were crazy, which we probably were. But heck when can we say we danced in the rain on Christmas eve in shorts and a t-shirt???
After taking a shower in the real shower we decided to go to the beach. I mean, again we are in Texas so we have to do things that we won't do anywhere else on Christmas eve. It is about an hour drive, we hit a little traffic but it wasn't bad. Then we found the beach, there wasn't any sand where we stopped but lots of rocks and some lots of grass. It was really nice, some people were fishing from the shore even. It was raining though so we didn't get much time outside. But of course I forgot my camera on this special day so we had to use Jon's phone camera, which wasn't too bad. It is better than nothing I figure.
So here is me and Nixon out on the shore.

Jon on a really big rock trying not to fall in, at least that's what I think he is doing. Aren't the clouds beautiful?

We had to rush back to the car because it started pouring. Nixon thought it was funny, it got all foggy in the car.

This is the pier, well what is left of it after Ike hit. There is a pelican flying away from shore. He was huge and I had never seen one, it was cool.

Of course we drove over this awesome bridge but NO CAMERA, so here is a bad picture of it as we are leaving in a different direction. It has yellow poles... yeah you can't really see it but it was really cool.

Well Santa found us down here in Texas and Jon even got it to snow in our living room! He had cut out snow flakes and placed them on and around the tree. How cute is he? Well there was definitely no snow outside because on Christmas day it was 75 degrees and as we opened presents our air condition kicked in.

All the stocking were stuffed. Mine, Jon's, Nixon's and the pups!

As you can tell Nixon was pretty excited about this stocking and presents idea..... ?????

Jon got me a new stereo that plays fm AND am radio AND I can stick my ipod in it. I was pretty excited.

Jon got a new mouse for his laptop. It is pretty cool it folds up little so easy to transport.

Nixon got some new 'kicks' from his cousin Mac. They are converse shoes!!! He is cool now!

Nana sent me a box of chocolates, a tradition I sure do love.
Nixon was so tired while we were opening presents, poor little guy didn't even make it half way through.

As you can tell, we kept opening presents and all he wanted to do was find his blanket and binki and take a nap. Christmas is so rough for this little guy! This is a book and puzzle from Grammy and Pompa.

Cousin Lilly made Nixon a necklace. How stinkin' cute!

Nixon got spoiled this year, mostly by the grandparents and great grandparents. Santa only brought him some socks and a church shirt... but he had the most gifts by far. Thanks everyone for sending us gifts so we could have a wonderful Christmas here with our little family. Nixon has got some awesome toys that will be fun to play with.

After opening presents Nixon went down for a nice long nap. Then Jon and I had the traditional egg casserole and "special drink" a.k.a. orange julius breakfast. I must say it was really good.

Jon and I started a tradition our first year of marriage that we got matching pajama shirts Christmas Eve night. We went camo this year and found Nixon a camo shirt too. We are pretty silly!

One thing I learned about having Christmas alone with no other family is that you want all the traditional Christmas food but you have to make it all. So I made cheesy potatoes, pretzel jello salad, ham with a brown sugar glaze, corn and rolls. It was SO good, YUM I love the holidays it just means lots of yummy food.

After dinner we went on a walk... in the 75 degree weather.. did I mention that already???

There is a bunch of trails in our neighborhood which is so nice for walking around with the stroller and the dogs.

Then we had desert, I know the food pictures are a little much but I was proud of myself for all the food I cooked for Christmas.
I made a pumpkin pie for me and a chocolate pie for Jon.

Nixon got some rice cereal and was pretty mad it wasn't something better, like pie or even mash potatoes for crying out loud... ha ha!

Jon took the rest of the week off of work and we spent a lot of time as a family. We played some cards, watched some good movies, took naps, went on walks... lots of family time it was really nice and relaxing. Although I think Jon wonders what I do everyday home with Nixon...ha ha!
On one of our walks we found this cool pond by our house. It has a little walk way all around it, it's kinda fun! The dogs wanted to jump in but what if there is alligators... haha!

Nixon loves to ride in his stroller, he blabs the whole time it's cute!

Nixon with Daddy's hat on. He thinks he is pretty cool now....

Our little cutie pie!

Nana gave him this outfit for Christmas, it is super soft. He looks cute in it too!! What a big boy, I can't believe how much he has grown!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chatty Patty

This is Nixonian chatting away. He is EXTRA chatty in the mornings. Some parents have to take their kids to the hall during church because they are crying, we have to take Nixon out because he likes the sound of his own voice and he's really loud about it.
HOWEVER, he is totally camera shy. Whenever we get the camera ready he just stares at it and stops chatting. We have a great video but it won't upload so this is another one that is pretty good.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Nixon!

Merry Christmas!
Well it is Christmas and we decided to upload some new pictures and a few videos to say Merry Christmas to our family and friends, especially the grandparents who we know miss Nixon this Christmas.
This is of Nixon and his cute knitted Santa hat, he hasn't had many opportunities to wear it because it has been so warm but on some of our nightly walks he has had to wear it because it was in the 40's ok probably 50's.
Our cute fresh Christmas tree, that we bought so late we got it for $15 dollars. What a steal! It smells good though and hangs out ornaments just right!

Nixon striking a pose! Very thoughtful!

Our cute little Christmas present this year!

Our Texas family photo!

Nixon rolling over! I hate the sound of my voice so please ignore it while watching this video...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So I got the video thing to work... Yeah me!! Here is a cute one of Jon getting Nixon to really laugh! When Jon comes home from work it's Nixon time. Nixon goes down for the night about 7:30 or 8 pm and so for about an hour and a half Jon spends his time making Nixon smile and laugh and talk, Nixon just loves his daddy! Then he eats and goes down, all while I relax in the tub... ha ha just kidding. Although that has happened before but not every night... who do you think I am?

Texas thus far....

Well this post is kinda random but it is just a bunch of pictures I have taken since we have been in Texas. It has no rhyme or reason to it, so you can laugh at me and enjoy!

Our Edible Bouquet
When we moved in I got a delivery of fruit. Our Realtor down here sent it to us. Nice huh?! It was pretty good!

Nixon might hate me later but isn't this the cutest thing ever??? I was getting him ready for his bath and looked down and couldn't resist not taking a picture.

These are some pictures of our little home we are renting before we had any furniture!!
Our living room!
Oh yeah those chairs are from the patio set they left! We were lucky to have them...

Our kitchen.. where I make a mean peanut butter sandwich or cold cereal... take your pick.

Oh yes the master bedroom, where we slept on an air mattress for a week.... how Jon did it for a month I will never know.

The closet with no hangers!

My big boy... he is a slobber monster. Man this kid can drool like no other, he is getting so big though I love it.

Last friday we went to a Christmas Petting Zoo. They had live animals and a live nativity.

The wool on this lamb made me want to learn how to spin to make yarn, wow it was soft!

Nixon slept through the whole thing in the sling.

Super Baby!!!! Nixon loves his daddy!

It rained here last week and it was so amazing I had to try and take a picture. I thought for sure it wouldn't turn out but it did!!! It was amazing and lasted awhile... I had gone to the grocery store and on my way back it started down pouring. I had the groceries in the back of the truck and they were soaked when I got home. I hurried and got them out and nothing was too damaged, although I looked like I had taken a shower with my clothes on. It rained so hard it filled our dogs bowls up to top with water.

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!

Ok so... I know you think maybe we went to Utah for a weekend or somthing because there is something white falling in this picture. BUT we didn't it actually SNOWED here in TEXAS on the day we moved in. They said this hasn't happened in 7 years.... Jon totally blames it on me and says I brought the bad weather, but I will take it. It was so fun, I loved it even though it only lasted a night.

Jon even wore shorts out in it... crazy boy!!! Texas snow everyone....

Our moving truck came last Wednesday and we had some help unloading from some friends and new ward members. I was so excited to get all my stuff, put the mounds of boxes only meant unpacking them all.

Yeah our couches and love sac. We were super excited to get something to sit on!

Nixon has gotten use to sitting in his Bumbo and he likes to sit and watch me unpack... and unpack and unpack.
Ok, so I am trying a video for the first time. I really hope it works, this is at Thanksgiving. Nixon was sound asleep and snoring???!!! What??? Oh yes my son does snore, I don't know where he got it from.. ha ha! But it's freakin' cute!