Monday, October 30, 2006


Our first full day in Hawaii we went to Pearl Harbor. It was an inspiring experience.

The day we went was 9/11 so the flag was at half mast so this made for a great picture.

There is still oil coming up from the ship that is still under water with the bodies of nearly 1,100 military men still inside the boat. It is said that the oil coming up from the ship is the tears of those soldiers.

This is part of the ship you can still see from the memorial. The memorial is over top the sunken USS Arizona and sits perpendicular to the ship. The small white buoy you can see in the distance is the one end of the ship.

This is the wall within the Memorial, it has the names of all those who dies during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This is the center of the Memorial. You can see we are wearing headsets with a phone looking thing around our necks. These devices walked us through the whole Memorial and the museum telling the history and effects of the fateful attack.

This is Missy in the lobby of our hotel looking out toward the lagoon #2. Our resort had 4 private lagoons that had cabanna chairs and a rock reef to keep the waves small and the big fishes out. It was incredible.

This is everyone that came to Hawaii from Left to Right: Jon, Michelly, Linda (Michelle's step-mother), Scott (Michelle's dad), Danielle (Linda's daughter), Alec (Danielle's hubby), Dillan and AJ (Danielle and Alec's two boys).
This is the room Michelle and I stayed in.

We hiked up the the falls at Manoa and I went to wash my head in the cool water and Michelle thought it would be funny to get a picture of me past the sign that say "DANGER, STOP!"

This is at the beginning of our hike up to the falls. This is what a rain forest is. While we were there we walked through the crew for the TV show "Lost" they were filming near the trail, sorry Mark and Karen no autographs.

Michelle's Dad and step mom Linda came to Hawaii with us and they came on the hike.

Missy and me in front of the falls. They were sooooo high!

Michelle got quite the kick out of these signs. In Hawaii, the freeway just ends and the speed limit goes from 65 to 35 on the same road. We mainlanders aren't used to that.

This is us at the Polonesian Cultural Center (PCC) after our lual. We got fresh flowers around our necks and ate poi (sp?) and it's official poi is gross.

While at the PCC we had a little time before the big show so we took the tour bus to the temple ground and walked around and went into the visitors center.

This is at the island visit of Tahiti. Michelle went up and showed her best Tahitian dancing skills. It kinda looks like the Macarena...HEY!

This was the most talented guy on the Island. He did the fire starting with a coconut at the Island of Samoa and the climbed the coconut tree and here he is twirling the fire stick with his legs.

This is a picture of the guy from the Island of Samoa climbing a coconut tree, he was like a dang monkey

At the PCC they have a canoe parade where all the Islands are represented, this is Tonga.