Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mamma Suzi came up for a beauty seminar and used Michelle as her model. Just what the girls neede, lot's of giggling and make-up.

Look at my girl all dolled up

We stopped by the Finch Arboredum and looked at the beautiful trees. Anyone in my immediate family should recognize this tree.

There were some magnificent colors, a good time of the year to go.

This was my birthday present to Michelle. A commercial hair dryer that she can sit under to dry her curly hair while she does her make-up. Little did I know she would also use it as her personal heater. Whenever she's cold she goes into the office and fires up her hair dryer.

At Michelle's work they all dressed up in a Hollywood theme so she went as Catherine Hepburn

Hot Mamma!!!
What a pose

Michelle tortured the dogs and put them in Halloween costumes, Gauge is a Lobster and Darby is a dinasaur. We were lucky to get this picture because they hated their costumes.

Darby really didn't like her Dinasaur costume.

Michelle decorated our front porch, we named our pumkin Cleatus but he shrunk from the cold.

There were close 30 pumkins carved, grandma and grandpa Spear hand out full sized candy bars for Halloween and we make Boboli pizzas carving night and chili Halloween night.

The garage and Grandpa's is all cleared out and heated for our extravaganza.

We went to Missy's work Halloween party and dressed up as Westerners--Yee Haw!

Michelle did "Happy" and I did "Halloween"

The wicked Michelle stabs the pumkin with no mercy

This one took me forever, but it sure is nice?!?!

Any one for pumkin guts?

The mighty Gauge

Queen Darby

This is what happens when you leave the food bowl open

This is at Greenbluff, it's a place where you can pick your own apples/pumkins and get fresh apple cider and local made jams. Yummy! This is us on a horse drawn carriage.

Missy Lou with the dogges at Mirabeau park, they posed well for Cameron's senior pictures.