Thursday, October 30, 2008

GO Phillies!

Jon got home to Spokane just in time for the World Series. I was excited to watch it too because I discovered watching sports without Jon isn't nearly as fun as when he is there. So last Wednesday was the first game for the Phillies and the Rays and Jon got Nixon dressed up in his baseball attire. We went out to lunch to one of our favorite places O'Dordys. It is this Irish pub that has really good food and really good root beer. This time when we were there we ordered two root beers and the waitress started naming off red beers. We had to say "no rooT beer" it was kinda funny.
But here is baseball boys at O'Dordys! Then on Monday night it was game five and we had to have Nixon wear his other baseball outfit that matched the Phillies home jersey's. Too bad the Phillies didn't win that night because of the rain but we were dressed and ready to watch the 6 innings they did play!
It was kinda fun though to watch with our little family... GO PHILLIES! We were excited to see them win last night with a strike out in the top of the 9th. Perfect way to win the World Series I think. Nixon is already a baseball fan!!

Spear Pumpkin Carving!

On Sunday we had the annual Spear Pumpkin Carving up at Jon's grandparents house here in Spokane. They didn't know if Jon was going to still be in town so they didn't buy as many pumpkins this year. Usually Jon carves 5 or more a year. This year he just carved one ! We always have homemade pizza too, it's a lot of fun! Carving pumpkins in the garage. I am not good at carving pumpkins so this year I had an excuse and held Nixon and didn't carve one! How long can I have this excuse....???? I think for the next ten years I imagine..hee hee!

And the pumpkin is done! Nixon was pretty excited about it too!

Courtney and Jasmine carving their little pumpkin! Courtney is Jon's aunt and Jasmine is Courtney's granddaughter.

Four generations of Spear boys!

Nixon and I had on our Halloween stripes for the Pumpkin Carving!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nana Comes to Visit!

Nana came up on Thursday to visit and help out with Nixon. It was surprising how much I got done in just the few days she was here! I even made dinner in a pumpkin while she was here which is a Halloween tradition for Jon and I. Nana LOVED just holding Nixon and talking to him while she was here. She pretty much never let him go the whole time... and then she would say "oh Michelle look at how cute he is now..." all day long. I thought it was so funny because it was like I had never seen how completely adorable Nixon is all the time!
But he is cute when he sleeps in your arms, he puts his hands together and I think it's pretty cute! So did Nana.

Lots of Nana time!
We took my mom up to Green bluff to have some carmel apples and huckleberry pie. It was a bit chilly but a lot of fun!

Nixon was sound asleep in the stroller the whole time, we wanted to get some pictures with him up there but we didn't want to wake him up from his nap!

While Nana was here we had her trim Nixon's hair. He had that spot on top that was a lot longer than his other hair. I thought it was adorable, but now that his hair is coming in better we decided it was time to trim it back and let it all grown in together.

Hair cut time!

On Friday night we went to a ward activity and drug my mom along. She was a trooper though and took care of our Nixon while Jon was a judge on a chili cook off and I judged the pumpkin painting contest.

Our "Pumpkin Pi"

How cute is our little Halloween boy! Julie my IV nurse gave him this outfit and he is freakin' cute in it!

Thanks Nana for visiting. We love you and miss you!Nixon always is sticking his hands in his mouth. Sometimes both at the same time! He just drools like crazy though, I sometimes have to change him twice a day because his shirt is so wet! Silly boy!

We went on a walk the other day and I had him decked out in a hat and his mitten's I knitted.

We found Darby out in the leaves sun bathing, our dogs love this time of year!

Jon found a bulldog statue to go on our front porch. The dogs thought he had brought home a new puppy. It was so funny to watch them sniff it to death and lick it, when I look outside in the mornings onto the front porch I always think Gauge is out there.

Nixon's Blessing Day!

Jon came home on Saturday October 18th! We were super excited to see him... he came home with a big beard too, which I LOVE! He is getting heart ache for it though already from the Bishop and his dad.. we will see how long I can get him to keep it for me though!
Nixon had grown so much since he last say him but he seemed to know his dad when Jon started talking to him, it was so sweet to see them together again!
This picture was taken on Sunday when the two boys had their ties on for church!

Nixon is a little too long still but I couldn't resist having him wear it with his little college sweater!

After church around 5 pm we got together at Jon's parents house to bless Nixon. Here are the MEN!
Tyson, My dad, Trevor, Johnny Mac, Jon and Nixon of course, Mark, Cameron, and Kirt.

Nixon was done taking pictures at this point, but gotta have the family shot!

Us with Jon's parents!

Us with my dad and step mom! They came up for the day to be apart of Nixon's blessing. We kinda did it at the last minute so we are sad to say more of my family wasn't there but to have some was very nice!

Trevor and Holly blessed Brody on Sunday too so here we all are on Blessing Day!

The best friends... whether they like it or not!!

Daddy having fun with little man!

This is my favorite pj outfit Nixon has! Jon might have been a little tired in this picture!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've been tagged....

Tagged by my friend Sarah!
1. Jon and Nixon, of course! They are on the top of the list and make me happy everyday!... I am super happy that Jon is back from Houston and can spend time with me and Nixon. We missed him!
2. Finishing a knitting project... what a happy moment!
3. Buying new shoes... if you know me well you know this makes me happy!
4. Summer is over... I love fall and winter (yes I know i'm strange).
5. The Holidays... holidays makes me happy, even the shopping and all that... happiness! It's just a good feeling when the holidays are here. I think maybe because holidays means candy, then pumpkin pie, fudge, caramel popcorn, divinity, peppermint candy, sugar cookies, ... I mean I could go on but I think you understand my happiness here!
6. A clean house... I am with you on this one Sarah, it is a happy moment when my house is clean.
7. Sitting by the fire... Jon is so good about building a fire at night for me and I have a chair that he bought me so I can sit close to it and watch TV and knit. It is a happy night when I get to do this.
8. Sleeping through the night... Nixon has slept through the night ALL week (knock on wood) from about 9 to 7 or 7:30... HAPPY MOM AND DAD!
9. Visiting with family and old friends.... I love to keep in touch with family and friends it is so nice to hear a friendly voice and talk about randomness sometimes.
10. Card games... when I win of course. I love just spending time with Jon and being goofy. It just lets all the stress out from the day and is nice! We play a lot of cards and I somehow always lose... why is that? Even if I cheat (which I do) ...still I lose... and sometimes it isn't happy but when I step back and think " Michelle this is just a game...grrrrrrrrr... just a game" then I feel happy.. ok I really don't but later , looking back on it I'm happy! Right???

Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome Fall

The leaves are changing and the air is crisp. I just love fall and all that it brings. The dogs do too! I find them more often out back sun bathing in the backyard.

Also it means bringing out the sweaters!! Nixon wore this to church on Sunday and looked so cute I had to take a picture! The shoes are killer too, I have a thing for shoes and now I am afraid I am passing it to Nixon!

What a handsome boy!

I got Nixon a mobile and oh my gosh he LOVES it! Why I didn't get it earlier I don't know but he squeals and smiles at it and even will fall asleep to it!

Every time I go to sit down in the rocker in Nixon's room Darby is already in it. When I tell her to get down she does but then jumps back on there right as I go to sit and I sit on top of her. She thinks it's her new napping spot and doesn't like sharing.

Nixon's Two Month Appointment

Doctor's Visit!
Well we went to the doctor on Wednesday and got Nixon's shots and all that fun stuff. He was so good and smiled at the doctor, who wears glasses so he probably thinks its ok because I wear them too.
Weight= 11.1 ( 25% )
Height = 24 inches (50%)
Head Circumference = 48 cm (75%-90%)
He got an oral vaccine called Rotavirus which is a live vaccine. Well while waiting for the nurse I read up on it on the little paper they give you and it said that if you were immune-suppressed that you should be avoided for 3 weeks from this individual. Well that isn't good news for me. I am immune-suppressed so I talked to the doctor and because it is live I have to wear a mask and gloves EVERYTIME I change Nixon's diaper for 2 weeks. Now I am not posting this to say "Poor Me" I just wanted people to know because after talking to a few friends they didn't realize it was live and the effect it can have on immune-suppressed people. And heck I can do anything for two weeks and who wants the diarrhea and vomiting it can cause for Nixon or me for that matter!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Birthday and Nixon is TWO MONTHS!

Nixon turned TWO MONTHS today!

Wow time flies... but yet it doesn't in so many ways too. I look back at the last two months and think "Holy Crap a lot has happened." My life has turned upside down a few times. After Nixon was born two weeks later Jon's whole family came to town for a week and that was packed full of events. I was recovering from a c-section and that in alone was an experience. Thank goodness for pain killers! Nixon got circumcised at two weeks and that was so traumatic for me more than it was for Nixon I think. In Washington they wait two weeks and it was like my whole life led up to that moment, I was sick to my stomach. Luckily, Nixon was a champ and didn't cry too much and with some Tylenol he was back to being a happy baby. I don't know why but it was so scary in my mind, I do remember that day VERY well. Then Jon left and went to Louisiana for a week and a half. My mom came to visit me and I flew down to Utah with her. Then Jon met me in Salt Lake and we had a few days with my family meeting my new nephew Mac and all that and then we went to Texas for a couple weeks. Texas was a crazy time and I am just glad we made it through it! THEN Nixon and I made our way back to Spokane where we are learning to get a routine, but as soon as I think we have one Nixon decides to change his mind! A couple of days ago Nixon got a yeast infection and that was crazy. I only thought girls could get them but I was mistaken. It was so sad but it is doing better now, I caught it early.
So these last two months HAVE been crazy and a roller coaster ride. I would like to get off of this roller coaster sometime soon..... but I have a feeling it's only the beginning of many more roller coasters~
I decided Nixon needed to be festive for his two months shoots today!

I love this boy! Happy Halloween!
My birthday was Friday and it started off with a kick. Nixon woke up every hour the night before to make sure I remembered it was my birthday. He must have had a tummy ache but after I put his binki back in every time he fell back asleep. He has been really sleeping a good 8 hours every night and I was getting so use to it. Then BAM no sleep for me! Happy Birthday Mom what a gift he gave me:) Then I made myself waffles for breakfast and they tasted nasty... what a good start! I have to say I do look back on it and laugh though!
I did get a lot of calls from family and friends and that was nice! Later in the day I went with Holly and her family to Green bluff where it was FREEZING cold. The wind was blowing and man was I chilly. I just bundled Nixon up and tried to keep him wrapped up in the stroller.
It sure was beautiful though. I got to eat a pumpkin donut and go through the corn maze! We could have picked pumpkins if we wanted to but the Spear clan does a huge pumpkin carving party and I need to save my skills (which are limited) to that night!

Here we are waiting for the little train ride!

The little train that went around the farm. I stayed behind to watch the babies since it was chilly and really... they won't remember that they didn't go!

Getting lost in the corn maze!

Me and Lisa, Holly's sister!

For my birthday Karen watched Nixon while Holly and I went out to dinner. We went to this place in Post Falls, Idaho called 'The White House Grill.' I had never been there but it was DELICIOUS! They do love garlic however but if you do too you should go there I loved it! It was nice to get out too without Nixon for a little bit. Although I missed him the whole time! So although my birthday started out not so good it ended on a good note!

The birthday girl and her crazy boy!

Karen got me a pumpkin pie. Jon hates it and I love it, so why not have one ALL to myself. I even ate it for breakfast this morning. YUMMY!

My mom sent me these beautiful flowers! I love the little vase pitcher they came in:)

Then I got to open a package from my mom on my birthday and she got me this feakin' cute apron. Now I don't have to wear my Christmas one all the time!

And a new cookie jar. I always would forget I still had HOMEMADE cookies in the cookie jar because I couldn't see them. Now they can be seen AND we can eat them ALL!

Jon asked me what he could do to make it up to me that he wasn't here for my birthday. I told him he could take me to Paris. Heck I might as well shoot big right?