Friday, November 21, 2008

An Update!

Texas Here We Come!!
Our new adventure begins in a new state.... next week! Where it will be Hot, Humid and Hot, Humid... Did I say it was going to be Hot and Humid??? Well if I didn't it will be Hot and Humid and my hair will grow bigger and more out of control everyday(you gotta love naturally curly hair)! I will however have a tan all year long, that is if I can stand to be outside. Maybe I will just be tan in the winter, less hot. I will have to work out more though, so I can wear shorts... ha ha work out that's funny.
Well the story is, Jon got a great job opportunity in Texas and thus we are packing our bags and in just one week hope to have everything ready to go. I learned a lot by packing up my house, I am a pack rat and have a lot of ... crap lets say! I did however throw a lot away, somethings I might regret later but for now I got rid of a lot and saved some and labeled like crazy ( I want to know whats in these boxes later when I think to myself, "Man I have a lot of ... crap."). I even had a dot system, RED goes to storage, GREEN comes with us. Jon told me last Thursday night that we were moving and the moving truck was coming Wednesday and we were moving Friday of this week. Thus, my life has been very crazy the last week but I am SO SO grateful for friends and family that have helped me with Nixon so that I can pack. Although he has been an angel while I have been packing. I sit him in the swing in the room I am packing and he just watches me and talks and naps. It's adorable! I will post our Thanksgiving day pictures soon of all of Jon's family over at my house packing. We did get dinner later at Grandma Spear's house, it was so good! Jon is driving our truck down with the dogs on Saturday and I am flying down on Saturday to Utah where I will stay with Nixon for a few days until Jon arrives in Texas. We decided 31 hours in the car with two dogs and a 3 1/2 year old baby would not be the adventure we dreamed of.
We are excited, scared, excited and scared but it will be fun and we will be together as a family, and THAT's what is most important. What I have learned from living in Spokane is that the church is world wide and I will find a small family there is Texas that will help us feel welcome and at home.

We will miss you Spokane and all our friends and family there. Please keep in touch everyone, we will miss you!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 Months Old!!

I can't believe Nixon is three months old, I don't know where the time has gone. It feels like yesterday when we brought him home, thank goodness it's not that day though because then I would still be in major pain, ha ha! This last month Nixon has really gotten good at smiling and chooing and talking. It is so fun to have him watch you and smile at my funny noises and faces. Just a few days ago he laughed for the first time... and then I got him to laugh for Jon on the phone. It is so cute, it almost made me cry actually because he is getting so big.( Hormones, blah ) Everyday is so much fun, he is the perfect baby I must say. He sleeps through the night and eats so good. He loves to just watch what is going on and is actually starting to watch the dogs and smile at them. Here are some pictures of my big boy!!

Visiting Utah Again!

Last Tuesday Jon needed to go back to Texas for work so I decided to use my buddy pass and fly down to Utah. Jon and I actually flew on the same flight to Salt Lake and then Jon continued to Houston. We were only going to stay a couple of days but ended up staying a week. My family happened to be a bunch of sickies so I was able to spend lots of time with my mom and see some other family I usually miss and some friends, it was a fun trip.
This is Nixon looking all studious last Sunday in a sweater my mom knit for him. He looks like a little college student in it, it 's so freakin' cute. Spending time with cousin Bella.

Taking a bath in Nana's new sink!

Nixon is really getting to enjoy bath time!

Cousin Hailey loves holding Nixon!

Lilly loves it too!

There was a big Utes game when we were there so here we are supporting our team! Go Utes!

Going to lunch with Gramsy. I was so excited for Nixon to grow into this outfit. It's this cute Puma jump suit. I love it!

Nana loves talking now, it's so fun. He talked a lot to Nana!

Chloe with baby "mixon" (as she calls him)

Chillin' in the window seat with Nana.

Building castles with Chloe. She wanted them SO high, but they kept falling over!


Nixon and Mac!

While in Utah Nixon found his thumb..... naughty boy!

Nana made a changing table on their new kitchen table. Papa wally thought it was so funny, he said he will tease Nixon later in life.

Nixon and Bella.... aren't they cute!

Lots of family time..!

Thanks Nana for letting us stay at your new house. We had so much fun ... it was so good to see all our family and friends. We love you! Thanks!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here is our little pea pod! Nixon didn't think it was all so fun though for very long, he wanted to get out and kick, kick, kick!
Here is Nixon thinking his parents are crazy!

On Halloween we always go up to Jon's grandparents (the same ones we carve pumpkins at ) and have chili and rolled tortillas. It is tradition and I must say its really nice! The chili this year was good I could have eaten five bowls but I don't think that would have been wise!

Don't worry shortly after we took him out of his super cute Halloween costume!

Jon and the dogs raking up leaves in the back yard. The dogs thought it was play time though and Jon had to rake them up a few times because the pups kept jumping into the pile. It was super funny to watch!

Saturday morning Jon built me a fire and I just relaxed in front of it all morning... I even took a little nap. It was so nice. Darby liked it too, I think she would have jumped in after the little sparks of fire if we weren't watching.

We love to go on walks with the pups and the stroller. Nixon always gets bundled up and I always have to take a picture cause it's so cute!

Nixon always ends up asleep too, which is sometimes the point!!

We went to a party last night and they of course had one of those games..."guess how many candy corns are in this jar." Jon told me to guess for him so I went over there and being the math lover that I am I of course counted the bottom candy corns and then the rows up. But don't be fooled the jar is not perfectly rectangular. So I fudged my numbers a bit and guessed 13 on the base and 15 rows up.. to get 195. There was 203 and Jon won!!! I love these games. There was a second jar that I guessed have 20 on the bottom and 7 rows up but not a full row on top because of the shape of the jar so I took a few off for my answer and guessed 135. Too bad Jon couldn't win both because the small jar did have 135 in it. I love it when I am so close... I would have figured out the circumference and then the area of the jar but I didn't have time for all that fun stuff so I had to guess. But it turned out very nice!!