Friday, February 26, 2010

Jessy and Will Come to Town to Play!

Jessy and Will came into town a couple of weeks ago. We got all the cousins together a few times and watched as the boys pushed and stole toys from each other and then hugged and gave kisses. It was quite the adventure.
While they were here we took them to Jump and Bounce.... I know again with the Jump and Bounce pictures. BUT it was fun and Nixon was able to enjoy it more this time, I think.
Here is Will going down the slide!

Nixon could climb up the slide "steps" by himself but once he was up there he wasn't so sure. Garret tried to "help" him down but Nixon was not going to go down alone.

So I went up there and pushed him down... probably my first mistake. I should have gone down with him FIRST then tried to see if he would go down alone. This is a classic picture I think.

After that it was "ma" take me to the top and "ma" take me through the course. So here I am joining in on the fun!

See now there is the smile I was looking for. He did LOVE the slides!

There is a little 'toddler' area and Nixon LOVED this little slide because he could do it all by himself. Up and Down he went probably 30 times.

Helping Nixon up the little slides, not as exciting as the big slides of course.


Jumping and Bouncing!!

Dive under!!

Riding on the cars... red faced and all!

Just the boys! Will, Garret and Nixon!!

Riding the dog too!!

Jon, Nixon, Jessy and Will ALL going down the slide together, What Fun!!

Nixon had SUCH a red face afterward, it was adorable!!
You would think Nixon would have taken SUCH a good nap after this but OH NO he wouldn't sleep at Grammie's so we got in the car and took a little drive to fall asleep. Nixon pulled his hat over his eyes and slept for a little bit so as not to be TOO grouchy later.

We all went up to Grandma Spear's after naps and had MORE cousin time. Will got to meet Imani, who is 7 months old.

Jessy, Will and Imani.

The cousins!!!
Garret, Nixon, Katie, Will, Imani and Jasmine!

Oh the joys of trying to take a group shot of small children!

Valentine's Dinner

Well you know how much I LOVE holidays!!
I LOVE to bake for holidays.
So we had a Valentine's dinner at my house with all of Jon's family.
Here is the menu.....

Heart Shaped Meat Loaf

I had to mold the pans by myself, which was a little weird but I thought it turned out pretty good!
Heart Shaped Jello jigglers!

Red "Mormon" jello as I like to call it.

You can't really tell but the rolls are homemade and they are pink! They were the best part and this time I made them good, practice does make perfect!
Tanner's birthday is on Valentine's Day so we of course had cake and ice cream too!!
Tanner turned 10!!!

Stake Valentine's Dance

In December I was asked to be on the committee for the Stake Valentine's Dance. It was a little crazy trying to get everyone's idea's all rolled into one and hope that it all came together in the end. But it did!!! I always am amazed at how church things get thrown together by random people and it works out!
This was our poster to advertise the event.
We put up a big dance ball in the gym.

So high up, but I thought it was cool that the church had this bucket thing to get up there.

This was the AWESOME city scape!! Wish I could say I helped at this part but I didn't I was over food and pictures!

We rented a chocolate fountain that was a HIT!! He brought the chocolate, strawberries, cream puffs and cookies. We went through it all in about 2 hours. 700 cream puffs and two big fridge size trays of strawberries... and then I had a big relish tray and water. Also I borrowed a popcorn machine and we had movie popcorn too, in bags!!

The Grand Entrance!

The dance floor!

Me and Tara, we were on the committee together and happen to be in the Relief Society presidency together too!

More pictures to come of Jon and I but I don't have the big disk yet.
I am just relieved its over and we didn't run completely out of food!

Nixon Turns 18 Months Old!

Any excuse for a chocolate cake!!
Nixon turned 18 months old on February 11th and I made a cake and we celebrated! Nothing fancy of course just good old chocolate cake!

My boyz!!

Nixon likes it!! He must be my kid because he wants chocolate in the morning before breakfast!! Oops!

I have been trying to find Nixon this basketball hoop everywhere and I had the hardest time finding it. I mean hello, STAPLE for little boys you would think. So I ordered it online and Nixon got it for his 18 month birthday.

Funny thing is we used Christmas money from grandparents for the hoop!! Hey better late then never!!
Nixon loves it!

When Jon is home Nixon will take the ball over to Jon to shoot every time. Nixon will shoot when Jon isn't home or in the room but he likes to watch "Papa" shoot the best. It's adorable!


For Valentine's Day I tried to find Jon and I Gonzaga basketball tickets. MUCH HARDER than I thought. I mean they are popular but sold out for every game for this year and next, come on!!
Well Jon's dream came true when when of his buddies called and said he had a ticket for him for that night. Jon was off to a game in the kennel, he was excited!!
Here are a few shots of the pre-game!

Dancing and getting pumped up!!

The student section!! WOW!

The Bulldog!! Giving out high-5's


A little play action!

Grey shooting free throws!

Jon had such a great time!! I am jealous of course but I am glad Jon got to go!