Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Utah Trip in July!!

So I went to Utah in June and then I went back to Utah in July... man I do like to travel. This time I went for a purpose... I needed to get some baby sewing done and a few other things that have been on my "To Do" list forever.
Here is Nixon in the sandbox in Nana's backyard with Izabelle.

Mac sweeping the floor.

Nixon riding the lion and being super silly about it.

And of course I had to take pictures of him throwing more rocks into the river.

We went up to my Aunt and Uncle's pool and Nixon liked playing with their dogs more than he liked the water.

Mac however had NO FEAR and jumped right in.

Eating a fry in the pool... I love it!!

Nixon played fetch with the dog threw the fence. Sep would bring the ball back and drop it in the fence and Nixon would get it, it was really cute.

What did I tell you, NO FEAR!!

Nixon found the real toys in the garage, Motorcycles AND a law mower, Jack Pot!!

Who needs a pool when you got these???

Lounging at the pool!

Lilly, Chloe and Izabelle.

Lilly, Chloe, Hailey and Izabelle.

So this is what I worked on in Utah... Christmas stockings!! This is Jon's orginal Christmas stocking and I decided to make matching ones for our family.
Jon's grandmother that lives in Price was kind enough to cross stitch the names for me... she is amazing. We decided Michelle was too long so we did 'Lou' and that is what Jon calls me.

My mom made the hat and scarf for Nixon's stocking that turned out super cute!!
For baby Jelly Bean... she doesn't have a name yet so I just made her front.

Here they are all together. I think they turned out pretty cute!! Yeah a big check off my "To Do" list!!

Nixon is out trying to blow bubbles by himself.

Izabelle, Cocoa and Nixon taking a break to watch a movie!!


And Hailey.

One afternoon we all went over to Casey's and did the slip and slide. Nixon LOVED it, he doesn't like the pool but he likes to run down and slide in the water.

He loved to slide on the grass too, he thought that was all part of the game.

Somehow he ended up with his socks still on... I am not quite sure how that happened??

After the slip and slide we all had otter pops!!

Hailey, Chloe and Lilly!!

Chloe the super model.

Playing dress ups at Nana's is always a hit!
Lilly and Chloe!

Nixon playing ball in the backyard.

He is really good and will play for hours.. and doesn't like to take turns.

Nixon learned about sidewalk chalk while we were in Utah and he liked it. Of course he made a mess of himself and his clothes but it was entertainment and pretty cute!

Swimming in the backyard in the frog pool.
Me and Nixon!

More coloring on the sidewalks and bricks!

Then home again on an airplane. Next month Nixon will turn two... but don't worry I make it back to Utah one more time before then:)

Nixon has flown so much he know the routine pretty well. He loves the planes and the airport.

Playing with his car roll on the airplane is always a hit. He is so adorable:)

Pioneer Day

For Pioneer Day on July 24th we went to the big Stake breakfast and parade. The breakfast was good, and Nixon did look super cute in his American colors!! I had never been to the breakfast before and now I know why... they don't serve the food first... hello must eat I went hungry!! The festivities aren't like in Utah but we still had fun!!

Summer Dance Camp with Guest Teacher!

At the end of July I held a Summer Dance Camp and my sister Katie came up and helped me out. I was a little nervous starting my own studio but after dance camp I realized I could do it and it was going to be a lot of fun. It was so nice to have Katie there and help me get the swing of things!!
Nixon loved have Katie in Spokane too, but he did keep asking for her dog Cocoa.
Katie got a work out by helping Nixon slide down the slip and slide, he could have done it for hours but I think Katie's arms would have fallen off.

Nixon has been so afraid of the pool this year and I just don't know why. He doesn't like to get in at all. He usually just walks around it and throws things in. While Katie was here we went to Emily's pool and he finally jumped in and I took a ton of pictures.
He loved it!!

He would say "one, two, three" and jump in to me.

Yeah swimming in the big pool!!

He loved being pushed back and forth to me and Jon.

Lilly preparing for a big dive.

My cute little swimmer.

Jon was the jungle gym of the pool with the girls and Nixon. Disregard that you can almost see Nixon's little bum... he lost his swimsuit sometime while swimming.

Lilly bean.

Me and Lilly at the airport saying goodbye.

Lilly took a picture of me and Katie at the airport too. I totally forgot to take pictures of us at dance camp...oops!

The three of us, too bad they didn't make it on the flight and I had to come back and get them later that day... gotta love stand by traveling:)