Monday, September 10, 2007

Babysitting a Puppy!

Katie really liked the puppy and wanted to hold him all the time.

Gauge and his son.

The puppy thinks its funny to play with my robe.

Gauge isn't so sure about sharing his bed.

But then he decides it's ok.

The puppy likes to bark at Gauge and Darby.

I have to feed him away from Darby and Gauge so they don't eat his food.

He found a stick in the yard and chewed it forever.

Gauge is so good with the little puppy. He just sits and lets him take his toys and climb all over him.

Gauge doesn't even let Darby touch this ball ~ but he lets the puppy take it right from him and play with it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Camping on the St. Joe River

Trevor brought his remote control airplane and we flew it until it would no longer fly.

This happened quicker than you think...somehow those planes find the trees and the ground so quickly.

Here is Gauge really really wanting to run after the plane that is flying through the air, but he was a good dog and stayed with me.

Darby was excited about the flying plane too.

Of course the boys found something to jump off of.

This was the little swimming area ~ which was perfect for the dogs and the kids to swim in. On the dock there is Garrett, Porter, Holly holding Mason, Trevor, Jon and Darby.

Garrett, Jon, Gauge and Darby. Garrett liked having the dogs camping. Just a few months ago he hated dogs and wouldn't go near them ~ this is a huge improvement!!

Gauge loves baby Mason and baby Mason loves Gauge. He would crawl over to the dogs if you weren't looking every time.

We went up to the town St. Maires and sat in this High School parking lot to watch a famour firework show. St. Maries was having there Lumberjack days while we were camping so we went up to see the big show.We put our chairs in the back of the truck to watch. The dogs were pretty good with the loud firework noise, Gauge slept through it but Darby shivered a little but as long as they weren't howling I was ok with it.

Lots of big fireworks. I guess you can go and sit in the football stadium and get a better show but we were happy with the comfort of our car.

The final fireworks was HUGE - honestly the biggest I have seen. It was awesome!

This is Porter looking like a red-neck!!

Dave Matthew's Concert!

Before we headed to the OUTDOOR concert it started pouring rain at our house. Luckily it didn't last very long but we hoped for a dry concert. It was nice and sunny at the concert. Cameron had bought 4 tickets for his birthday and was planning on going with friends but at the last minute they all belled so Jon and I got to go. It was about a two and a half hour drive down to the Gorge, an outside amphitheater.

We thought at first that you couldn't bring camera's in so we took this picture discreetly but we found out later that we could take pictures, or at least everyone around us was and wasn't getting caught.

This is THE GORGE. It is a natural amphitheater, that is gorgeous. That is the stage and the Columbia river is behind it.

That is better view of the Columbia river and stage.

And here is a view from the other side.

Here is the Dave Matthew's Band!! He was a Fabulous performer. We really had a lot of fun. The crowd was a bit crazy for us but it was a good laugh most of the time.

With his oncore Dave came out and sang Jon and my favorite song, 'Grave digger.'

At then end of the concert, here we are. I was so tired, but we still had a two hour drive ahead of us....well really Jon had a two hour drive home but I got woken up about 45 minutes from home to help keep Jon awake.

Cameron and Breana.

A week on Lake Roosevelt!

Welcome to the lake house where we came with the whole Spear clan for a week. First we have to set up some tents cause the family is too big to fit in the house. (17 Spear's total to be exact)

Sunday was a raining day, which was ok for a Sunday. Here we are at the boat launce.
We went to the boat launch to get out of the house and to throw rocks in the lake. The adults got a bigger kick out of it then the kids....figures!!

Monday was a little chilly but the rest of the week was great. On the beach we found a crab... I think. Don't worry we didn't cook it for dinner.

Here we are on the beach. It was a little bit of a steep walk down from the cabin, and by a little I mean I did not feel bad about eating that second brownie because I knew I had more than worked it off on the way up the hill.

There was a lot of relaxing on the beach which was very pretty.

Jon pitching to Brandon.

Go Brandon!! He was really good!! The whole family got a woofell ball game started every day after lunch on beach. It was super fun even for me (Missy) who is not good at sports.

Missy and Katie, Kathleen and Tanner all ridin' in the tube. Go faster!!!

We even went fishin'. Here is Brandon teaching Jon how to fish!

Here fishy fishy fishy.......

Jon really wanted to catch something but sadly enough we went home without one.

Katie, Kathleen and Brandon on the swing up by the house.

When we first arrived it was no burn anywhere on the lake but after the rain we figured it was ok. Here is Jon tending the fire...... "Wake up Jon no sleepin' on the job."

Ooooooooooooooo Fire

Makin' smores too.

Such a tough day Jon hung up his hamic from Brazil and took a snooze.

Jon was the person train all week long for the three monsters (Brandon, Katie and Kathleen)

I even tried wakeboarding behind the waverunner. It was fun!

Hit it!! I got up and rode around for a bit but then took a spill before getting back into the picture area!!

Here is Jon wakeboarding....he is much better than me, but then again I could be better but not have pictures to prove it.

Then Jon took a big bucket and starting making a sand castle. It took a few tries to get the big bucket of sand to stay standing!!

Once we got it figured out we made a couple of them and made a little royal palace.

Jon and I took bets on who would knock it down. I said Katie, he said Brandon. But we were both wrong little Cody did it instead.

Here I am cleaning up in the tent. The tent was very good to us for the week. We had a lot of fun listening to the rain at night and getting some 'quiet time' and watching House!

The view from the cabin.

At the end of a long week at the lake we said good bye and went home for a nice shower and a real bed!!