Thursday, February 24, 2011

January Update!

Our good friends came into town for Christmas and we had breakfast over at our house one morning. This is baby Grant and Nixon thought he was pretty cute, so did I.

We got the bumbo out for Grant while he was visiting and Nixon thought it looked nice so I found him sitting it in for days after they came.

My mom gave us a puzzle for Christmas and it took us three days but we got it all done. It was a tricky little puzzle, some pieces fit into other places and confused us.

Nixon loves to wear his football hat with Jon he makes him go into the bathroom and see it in the mirror when they wear them together, it's adorable.

We are working on potty training with Nixon and the ticket we found was bribing him with ring totally worked. Although now I am stuck having suckers in my house forever, just kidding.

Me with my cute girl.

I love this pic, such a classic of what my life is like:) My cute kids!

We all got Gonzaga shirts for Christmas, another tradition of ours. Here we are in all our Zags shirts....Nixon calls it his "bulldog" shirt and LOVES to wear it.

There is that smile....she is adorable.

My cute boys in their "bulldog" shirts!!

Sadie likes to hang out with Jon and snuggle downstairs.

Random cuteness:)

Jon doesn't like her bows in her hair...he says they are too tight and suck her brains out. What a turkey right??? So if you ever see her without a bow...Jon took it off.

I caught that cute smile!! Yeah~!!

Sadie learned how to roll over while doing rub downs at night. Here is a frame by frame....gotta love the new camera.

She did it... Nixon always claps when she rolls over and then he lays down and rolls over and says "clap"

Jammy time...

I love this time of night with my kids...they are so sweet and they both LOVE to be naked so when it's time for bed and we get into our pja's it is always a fun time to be silly and love the memories we make here.

She is getting bigger.....

Nixon with his best friend, Gauge.

Smilin' Sadie Sue!!

What a cute kid I have???

In January we went to the doctor and they told us Sadie has a heart murmur. We went to a pediatric cardiologist and she got hooked up to all kinds of monitors and it was so sad. Luckily it all worked out she has a small murmur and it might go away with growing but if not it is too small to make any difference. It is so hard to have a doctor tell you your baby has a hole in her heart but then say it is "OK" It was hard to grasp that.

So Nixon's hair was getting SOOOOO long, I put it in a pony tail on top to send Nana and say "Please come quick, I need a haircut"

Sweet look right???

Nixon got sweet new socks for Christmas. We love the red ones:)

We decided to try Sadie in the bumbo and she actually fits....she is a little wiggly but I think she likes it.

When I get Sadie out Nixon says "My turn." What a goof ball.

He likes to sit in it while watching TV and eating a ring pop:)

Nixon LOVES to get in the crib with Sadie and watch the mobile. If she is in there, so is he. I am not sure she likes it so much all the time, but it is adorable.

I caught this picture during rub downs and they are almost in the exact same position, I can't believe how alike they are, it's amazing. This picture amazing me and I love it!

Then they roll a little bit and I get another GREAT shot.

Silly pic's of Nixon with a bulldog hat on.

Sadie is getting better at being on her belly and holding her head up. I tried to get some pic's of her in my favorite sweater.


Cute pic's of Nixon.

We went up to CDA with Nixon and meet friends. He loved the big fire in the lobby.

Enjoying the fire...

Fruit Pizza for Super Bowl Sunday...GO PACKERS!!

Nixon helping me bake...he loves to help and is pretty good at it actually.

So one day I was feeding Sadie and Nixon came into the room and said he was hungry. He is now big enough to open the fridge get his favorite thing out, yogurt and get a spoon and eat it. It has come in very handy!!! Well I tell him to get a yogurt and pretty soon, it's quiet.
When I come out from Sadie's room Nixon has found the baking soda in the fridge, not yogurt and poured it on the rug.
Then he is running the bus through it and says to me "look Mama a volcano, I made a mess!"
What could I do?? I stood there and just stared at him having fun in the mess, I decided to not yell but tell him it wasn't a good idea and we cleaned it up together. At least my rug smelled clean afterward... what a turkey!!