Friday, December 08, 2006

Over Thanksgiving we went down to Utah and stayed with Michelle's Mom.

Ahhhhh, how cute! Go Pace's!

Missy with Haley, Katie's youngest and biggest chunk

Izabell (Bella) Katie's oldest with HuggyBear (get it??)

Casey and Tim's little girl Chloe modeling her beads for us

The double piggy back ride with Lilly and Bella

While in Utah we went down to Price/Elmo to see my Granny and Uncle and Aunt Jim and Marsha and rode on their 4-wheelers

My parents and my two brothers (Ryan and Cameron) plus Ryan's family was all there. This is Cam

We also went and say Michelle's Dad and Step-mom and their bulldogge Benson.

I got so bored in the airport I had Michelle teach me how to knit. She wasn't supposed to catch it on film however.

Michelle knitted both of these cool hats and NO I didn't help.

Classic picture, I caught Michelle and he Mom engulfed in knitting.

So while we were gone during the Thanksgiving holiday, the puppies sort of got into the bean bag. Can you believe how much they spread the foam out! Geez'n'crawl

The only way we could think of picking it all up was with a rake.

The puppies knew they were busted so they hid under the covers. Ok maybe this is their favorite place in the world. You learn quickly at my house not to leave the bedroom door open or else you might have 130 pounds of bulldog under your covers.

Darby is our squirrel hunter. I snapped this picture of her when she didn't know it. SSHHH, she sees one.