Friday, January 14, 2011

Cam's wedding and More Utah Visitors

So I have been waiting for these pic's of Cam's wedding which are on Jon's laptop, which is having technical difficulty right now. So I am going to just move on and post...cause I am so far behind anyway and I will post Cam's wedding and more of my sister and her girls visiting when Jon's laptop gets fixed and I can get the pic's.
So for now...moving on.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Thanksgiving and Sadie's Blessing!

For Thanksgiving we had all the family in town so we decided it would be a good time to bless Sadie as well. That meant MORE family:) My sister and her three girls came and also my dad and step mom. It was so fun to have them stay with us and be there for Sadie's special day. My sister was excited to meet little Sadie Sue.
Each girl took a turn holding Sadie and meeting her for the first time.
Sadie and Lilly

Nixon was super excited to see Bella who he loves but he was MOST excited because they brought their dog, Coca... Nixon was in heaven.

Sadie and Hailey

Izabelle and Sadie

Katie cleaned out her toys before she came and brought Nixon some fun new toys. He got his very own he can stop pretending to play with mine:)

Katie gave Sadie a bath.

Sadie is liking them more and more...thank goodness I always hate when they cry in the bath.

Thanksgiving dinner was at Mark and Karen's with all of us. Ryan and Jon carved the turkey's.

Granny made gravy and potatoes and rolls...she was amazing.

Katie and Izabelle

The kids table.

The adult table

It was kinda fun to have a lot of people there, makes it a great Thanksgiving.

Jon and Sadie on her special day

Our cute little family.

All the men who were in the circle.
Josh, Kirt, Dad, Mark, Cameron, Jon, Jeff, Ryan and Jim.

Us with Dad and Linda

Us with Mark and Karen

Granny made Sadie's blessing blanket, she is so sweet and talented.

Jim and Marsha came up from Elmo, Utah.

Us with Katie and the girls.

The Utah travelers.

Just the siblings.

Us with Jeff, Natalie and Daxton.
It was an emotional day for me and I totally have crying eyes in most of these pictures...what a mess I was. After the blessing I took a picture of Jon and Jeff and I just lost it. Looking through the view finder I was reminded that when we blessed Nixon Jon's best friend Trevor was there, it hit me that he wasn't here for Sadie's blessings and the friend circle was disrupted. We miss him so much and I know it is hard for the all of us, but some days it is harder than others.

Grandma Linda with Sadie

When we got home I took some pictures of Sadie in her blessing outfit with her blessing blanket. Sadie is wearing the blessing dress that I wore when I got blessed, it was so fun to have my daughter in the same dress.

I got some smiles even.

This is my favorite, I actually got a little smile from her.

All the kids and Katie in Sadie's room, she is so cute how can you not want to hang out with her:)

Nana has a tradition to give all the grand kids Christmas pajamas on Thanksgiving and so we took a picture of the kiddo's in there fun new pj's.

Lilly and Sadie Sue

Nixon and Bella

Sadie and Katie.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

November Moments!!

Again, a warning we got a New Camera so we took a lot of pictures. It is so fun though:)
Random pic of Nixon, but I love how clear his face is.
Sadie just chillin' at Grammy's on the floor.

Jon's whole family came into town for Thanksgiving because Cameron and Rachelle got married the day after Thanksgiving. It was fun to have everyone here for the holidays.

Ryan and Anglea

It snowed a TON over Thanksgiving weekend and Nixon was in heaven. It was so fun to have so much snow and have it be really white and beautiful for Thanksgiving and the wedding.

Nixon loves to "help" Jon shovel the driveway.

It's so funny to watch him walk through the snow that comes up to his knees.

They are so fun to watch, they have such a great relationship Jon is so cute with him.

Taking some good pictures of Nixon with the new camera. His eyes just stick out so good, I love it!

Bathing Sadie in a bowl still. She is just so small and I keep her room really warm, it seems to work well.

She isn't so sure about it though...

Oh she is so cute!!

Nixon is helping me and being so cute:)


Sadie's Christmas outfit has a cute reindeer on her bum...I love it, Thanks Nana!

Brother and Sister

Papa with his little girl.

Nixon loves Sadie and is really good with far:)

The week of Thanksgiving I made my homemade cranberry sauce and rolls so we could have left overs!!

We spent a lot of time over at Mark and Karen's the week of Thanksgiving visiting with all of Jon's family. It was a lot of fun having all the cousins together and showing off cute Sadie Sue.

Family Kisses

Katie LOVES to hold her little cousin and she is very good at holding her and bouncing her when she cries.

Jon playing with the boys!! Garret and Nixon are airplanes.

Katie's new Christmas scarf.

We had a craft day at Emily's and made this super cute trees out of wood. I of course put my together wrong but since it won't be next to anyone else you will never know:) It was fun!! We called it our "Adult Craft..." yes Jon had a few ideas for that one!!

Playing pass at Grammy's house