Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jon's Birthday and Portland Vacation!

Jon's Birthday! He turned 26!
Opening his presents! New Shirts!
Lots of cards from family!

A mini DVD player from Suzi!

A new razor from Missy!

New Shorts!

New Jeans!

Here we are after a long drive on his birthday! Resting at Johnny Mac's house in Portland!

Friday was the big wedding at the Portland Temple! What a beautiful temple!

The trees and flowers were amazing!

Jon and Missy after the sealing!

There was an atrium inside the temple! It was so neat in there!
Here is Holly and Missy!

Cam, Jon, Jeff and Trevor!
The Groomsman with the groom !
The Portland Temple doors were so pretty!
Here is Jon, Cam and Trevor!

The reception ~the new Priebe family!
Holly, Trevor, Jeff, Natalie, Jon and Missy

We went to the Oregon Zoo!! It was a lot of fun!

Jon and Cam turned into monkeys while we there!!

Trevor and Holly bought these for their boys~ it looks pretty scary with Missy's BIG eyes!

Holly and Michelle riding the horses....YeHa!

Missy on the hippo.... thank goodness it's not real it might have eaten her!

Jon on the John Deere..... he is ready for the farm.

Here we are trying to be like the turtles....we just aren't all enough!
The polar bear looked like a rug....he was sleeping funny!

The monkey was really cute! He wanted to play with the monkeys in the cage next to his!

The cute Giraffe!

The crocodile.... scarey!

The otter is Michelle's favorite. She really wanted to take it home!
We drove to Cannon Beach on Saturday! It was really fun, but really windy!
These are the trees on the beach ~ wind blown!

Here is us on the beach, and yes those are the rocks from the movie Goonies!

Jon and Cam!

Jon and Trevor on the beach!

Along the drive there was a poplar tree farm. There was tons and it was thick
it looked really cool as you drove by. They make these trees
into paper!

Monday, April 02, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Our own personal show!

When the boys went to the cabin no one brought a razor so they grew their beards out. Michelle likes it alot!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!
This is Darby, we think she looks like a dinosaur!

We tried to get baby mason to like dogs! Gauge liked Mason that's for sure!

We babysat baby Mason on of our friends boys for a couple of hours, he really liked Jon!

I made this purse for Casey! It turned out so cute!
Mom and I took the class while she was here in Spokane at the Yarn Shop!

March 2007

So while Jon and the boys went to Island Park ~ Casey, Chloe and Nana came to visit Dede in Spokane!!
Gauge got an eye infection the day they came and had to wear a cone on his head.
It was SO sad to watch him bump into everything and everyone!

This is Darby and Gauge in their favorite spot. They like to watch for birds and people
passing by!

Here is Gauges eye....and cone....poor baby!

He kept it shut all the time and it just watered!

Darby loves to sit on the chairs at the table like she is a real person!
It's funny!

Chloe gave Gauge a kiss... she called him Bubba all weekend because of
a boxer she knows named Bubba...it was cute!

Chloe gave Darby a hug! They were so good with her!

Chloe even liked riding around in the laundry basket!

Chloe liked wearing the devil ears around and waving her magic star wand!
Just the girls all in their PJ's! Dede, Nana, Chloe and Casey!

Chloe wanted to be like Dede! It was so cute!
She sat under the drawer and did her dolls hair!

Casey and Chloe at lunch! We shopped til we dropped at Nordstrom!