Monday, August 25, 2008

Bath Time and Family Time

Naked Nixon!!
Nixon does NOT like to be naked. Nana helped me bath him for the first time at home. He was actually really good once I got a wash cloth on him to try and trick him that he wasn't naked. Then he just wanted to eat the wash cloth and the water.....YEAH BATH TIME!

Jon put up Nixon on the nursery wall. It is so cute!

Gauge thinks that he needs attention just like Nixon does. He is a little jealous if you can't tell. Whenever we set Nixon down Gauge is right there to get some love, he doesn't want us to forget about him.

Jon is trying to make a Nixon face... I think he did a pretty good job of it!!

How cute are they?? Nixon and Daddy like to just chill'

On Saturday we had a swim party with Jon's family and then a BBQ. Nixon and I hung out in the shade and watched them swim. He was a good little sleeper in Mom's arms.

Swimmin' at Emily's.

Jon's sister Jessy and her baby Will came to visit us from New York. This is baby Will. He is a cutie!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nixon's First Days at Home!

First Family Photo!!
The new Spear Family!
My Dad and Linda flew up for the day on Wednesday to meet Nixon! This is Nixon meeting Grandma Pickett.
and Grandpa Pickett
Nixon gets ready to go home! I got to dress him in his very first outfit. It was of course a baseball one, that looked huge on him.
Jon got me a shirt for coming home from the hospital too!!
We have checked out and ready for the adventure that awaits us!
Meeting the dogs!! Darby pretty much ignores Nixon, but is always near him to protect. She sits right by the door of his room or under the crib and makes sure she knows who is coming around. Gauge really wants to get to know Nixon a little too much, he is very curious. But he gets less curious everyday and they are in for an adventure.

Nana got Nixon to smile!
Emily, Katie and Tanner came and visited.
Tanner thinks they are more fun when they are older....
He looked so freakin' cute this day. His outfit fit perfectly and it has little horses on his feet. I just wanted to eat him up!
Nixon LOVES his daddy. Jon can always get him to be happy and get him to burp way better than I can.
My niece Chloe gave Nixon this moose that he sleeps with in his bassinet. "Thanks Chloe, Nixon loves his moose!"

More of Daddy time!
We have even been on an outing to the doctor on Saturday. He is doing great and weighed in at 6 pds, 13 oz.

And of course, Nixon likes to watch TV with Dad on the big love sac.Nixon is so alert for a new baby he loves to look around with his big eyes and see what's going on.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nixon is very "handsy" he moves his hands all the time but it makes for some cute pictures.

Laid back Nixon
This is so typical of what Michelle does. She will fall asleep like this and I'll move her arm so it doesn't fall asleep.

Praying Nixon
Pleeeeeease feed me some more, Please!!! He is an eater. They told us he might eat 1/2 an oz on his first day, but he was chugging away and downing 1.25 oz on his second feed and he's not slowing down yet.

Papa Wally holding Nixon. Thanks Wally for bringing Nana up to help us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All settled down at the Hospital

Burrito Nixon
I have to admit wrapping the baby like this is a real art form. One I haven't quite mastered just yet. This is a nurse wrap job, I think she was a former cigar roller from Cuba.

Let me back in Nixon
This is my favorite picture so far. I just can't beleive that huge kid used to be in her belly.

Pre-sneeze Nixon.
Man he sneezes a lot, but I guess you can't blame him, he was breathing fluid less than 12 hours before.

Open Eyed Nixon
This is his first non-hospital outfit and the first good shot with his eyes open.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome Nixon Mark Spear

Weighing in at a bone crushing 6 pounds 15 ounces and standing tall at 20" NIXON!!!

Here is Nana up from Utah to help out, we are so greatful for her and Wally being here to take care of us.

Trevor and Holly also came to see us and Nixon met his BFF for the first time Brody.

Grammy and Pompa also came to visit, but they had to wear masks because of the virus at Girls Camp and we didn't want Nixon to have to join the leper colony.

Hello world meet Nixon Mark Spear

This is our first shot of Nixon. The Dr. held him over the curtain for Michelle to see. Nixon tried hard to stay inside the womb, the Dr. had to use the "Kiwi" suction cup to pull him out.

This is his first chance to be close to mamma. Poor Michelle went through all that work and I got to hold him long before she did. She had to stay and get stitched up while I took Nixon to get cleaned up, weighed, inspected and foot printed.

This is Michelle's first chance to hold the baby she carried for 9 long months. She is the cutest mother ever (I'm not biased of course).

Here I am holding on to my little slugger and he's wearing Nana's home made hat.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

3 Years of Marriage!!

July 27th, 2005
Jon and I were married three years ago. Wow time goes by so fast! We were married in the Salt Lake Temple!It is fun to remember that crazy day, it went perfectly.

Jon and I have been so blessed these past three years and I am so lucky to have married such a wonderful man!! He is amazing, even in this crazy time of me being pregnant he has been incredible! I love him more each day!

When I came home from my Girls Weekend Jon had bought me roses for our anniversary. I love roses!!

For our anniversary we went and saw the movie "The Dark Knight" and then went to the Melting Pot for dinner.

Trevor and Holly came with us!

We had never been to the Melting Pot before and we had a good time. Although you do have to dedicate three hours for dinner and a chunk out of the wallet. But heck it was our anniversary, we had to splurge a little!!

I ate so much I made Jon take a picture because my tummy looked huge!!

This is from Sunday!! ONE MORE WEEK!!! AHHHHH!!!

Nixon is getting ready for this crazy world and crazy family!! Hee Hee!