Friday, May 29, 2009

For Nana B Nana

Nixon is pulling himself up and walking along anything he can. He is so cute, but I am realizing what it is like to chase him around the house all day. What happened to my baby that sat so nice on a blanket and played with toys????

Nixon LOVES his green blanket and will drop everything to go and get it. We can't leave home without one, lucky me I made three so I can wash and have one clean at ALL times.
Jon thinks Nixon is a's a hit at church:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We've Been Busy

Well we have been busy here in Spokane. This might be a long post, as we have taken lots of pictures and had lots of fun these days and I have been a slacker and not updated this blog. Nixon has been keeping us busy that's for sure, he is now pulling himself up on EVERYTHING and is a master of climbing the stairs. He is just starting to open and shut doors, cupboards and drawers and his little fingers are finding their way into little spaces, hopefully he will learn soon the concept of all these closing things.

Here is Jon and Nixon being TWINS... I didn't plan it, it just happened one day.

Nixon loves to stand next to the lovesac and taunt the dogs. Gauge is fine with him pulling and patting him but Darby jumps off when she sees Nixon coming toward her resting place.

Go Red Sox's .. Nixon has this cute onesies from Cam and Hillary and of course Nixon was not going to let me take a good picture of it before spitting up all over it.

Master of the Stairs!! Nixon just starting climbing them one day and has never stopped. He makes it all the way up, a bit to fast I think.


Gauge trying to "HELP" Nixon move it along.

He made it to the tippy top!!!

Loving to play with Boxes, he even will crawl inside to get something at the end. It's so entertaining.

Jon took Nixon and I to a U-High baseball game a few weeks ago. Jon's old High School team was playing at the Minor League field, so we decided to go. Nixon was so cute and clapped at all the wrong times.

Go Titans!

Ok... how CUTE is this picture. What a perfect set up for my two boys!

Coeur d'Alene BOAT SHOW

We had a bunch of family come into town over Memorial weekend and we had a lot of fun showing them around the Spokane area. We took them up to Coeur d'Alene to see the lake and it happened to be the boat show.
Jon checking out a Cabin Cuisier... only 150,000.

Nixon liked the boats and walking around on the board walk.

We all decided we should sell the house and buy this boat for 400,000. I mean we can all squeeze into a two bedroom, two bathroom boat right?

And I will be the Captain..

Aunt Marsha will be the navigator.

Beautiful day to be at the lake.

Nixon thought the water was a bit too cold for him though.

"Why did you make me do it. It's COLD."
Ok it was mom's idea...Oops!

So Pretty!

RiverFront Park
One day we took them down to Riverfront Park and saw the falls. We fed the ducks and let the bigger kids ride the carosel.
Tanner and Jon.

The falls were rolling fast.

There is Caden, Marsha , Tanner and Jon looking over the ledge. Nixon and I will stay back and look from a far.

Nixon, Me, Jon and Aunt Marsha.

Nixon got to have a taste of a Snow Cone for the FIRST time. He liked it!

Garett got some bubbles for his birthday and Cameron was teasing Darby with them. She kept jumping and eating them. Silly Dog!

After LOTS of running and jumping Tanner and Gauge are tired!

Manito Park
On Sunday we took everyone up to see Manito Park. It was so pretty and such a beautiful day.

We took a bunch of pictures of Nixon up there. He is NINE MONTHS old these days and growing like a weed.
He liked the lilac garden but wanted to eat the flowers not just smell or touch them.

This one is my favorite. Grammy blew in his face and we took a picture. What a stinkin' cute kid.

The Liliac Gardens.

Then to the Japanese Garden. Sitting on Grammy's lap.

Trying to eat the little rocks on the ground.

My boys!

Then over to the conservatory.


"Here I come.."

"I'm not afraid of the grass"

"I'm gonna get you"

Momma and Nixon just relaxing.

So as you can see we have had a lot of fun. Nixon turned Nine Months on the 11th and we took him to the doctor where he was healthy and growing big.
He weighed in at 23 pounds, 75%
Was 30.5 Inches Tall, 90%
and his head is off the chart, big surprise!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Trip to Utah

Cousins in the Costco Cart!!
Mac and Nixon made quick friends on my trip to Utah!
They were so cute together.

Nana gets lots of magazines in the mail, they usually throw them away but Nixon LOVES to tear them up.

Such cheap entertainment!

Nixon got to swing for the first time in Nana's backyard, he LOVED it.

Swinging with the cousins!

Totally cute face... I just want to kiss those cheeks!

Nana loves hanging with her boy Nixon!

My brother's birthday was on Sunday and we had a little party on Saturday night in Nana's backyard. It has a creek that flows through it and makes the prettiest sound. It is a perfect backyard for a party.

Brandon, Wally and Tim

The kiddo's playing.

Bella got my camera and took a few pictures "for me". This is Hailey!

My mom's bird Hermione.

Aunt Katie and Nixon.

Lilly REALLY wanted Tim to have a pinata for his birthday so my mom got him one. The kids LOVED hitting it. This is Beau, Casey's sister's little boy!

Hailey taking a whack at it.

Then Chloe.

Bella getting a piece of it.

Lilly was last because she is a tough cookie and got a good piece out of it.

But in the end the birthday boy got to hit it last and get the candy out, (before anyone got hurt:)

Yeah Candy!!!

Even Mac got some candy.... Yummy he didn't want to let the sucker go!

Happy Birthday Tim! Homemade chocolate cake and ice cream Yum!!

It was also my step mom's birthday while I was there. She was turning 50 and decided to go ski diving for her big birthday. A bunch of us went out to watch.

Surprisingly enough you only have to get there about an hour early and they just take you quickly through what you need to do. Linda was a little nervous as she told us everything she was suppose to do.

Grandma and Nixon.

Grandpa with McKyah and Nixon.

Suited up and ready to go.

This is her camera man that videoed the whole thing, it was crazy. He gets out of the airplane first and holds on to the top -- yeah of the plane and videos while she jumps.

Let's get this party started!

Ready for take off.

Nixon was pretty excited ... as we waited to see them come down.

Here she comes....

And come in for a soft landing... on their rears.

She did it!!!

Here we are waiting ...

Yeah Grandma did it and survived, she said it was AWESOME!!

While we waited for the video Grandpa took Nixon to see the cool bikes. Of course the people that work there would drive fast motorcycles too, why not if they like to jump from planes for a living right?

On Sunday we had a little surprise party for Grandma.

The whole big Pickett family was there.

Happy Birthday Grandma Linda, I made her a little scrapbook of some pictures of all of us growing up. It was fun to remember all the funny times of our crazy family. She loved it and I am glad I was able to be there to give it to her.

If you look closely you can see a big long stick in the air - Justin my cousin was trying to catch the balloons because his son had tied his binki to them and then let them go. Well bye bye binki!

Mac and Nixon enjoying some toast one morning.

Mac wants them both.... Nixon is not so sure.

Nixon learned to give kisses while we were in Utah, it is so adorable and funny. He does the whole open mouth kiss, then he laughs. I love it!

We went to my cousin Alec's baseball game at Bountiful High too. He is a freshman and plays on the JV team, he did a great job, hit a home run and got to pitch for the first time.

We went and swung everyday in the backyard, Nixon just loves to be outdoors.

Binki boy!

We all went to the zoo one day, Nixon's first time.

Can you see the baby chick poking his head up???

The black bear eating some watermelon.

Nixon was amazed by the animals, he wasn't quite sure what to think.

A stop to have a coke!

Casey and Mac, Nana and Chloe, Katie and Lilly. Nixon had had enough of the stroller by now.

The camels....

The big gorilla.

Lilly - we had so much fun at the zoo!!

Thanks everyone for making our trip to Utah so much fun!! We love you guys!

When we got home Nixon found out how to crawl and found Darby too. She is now hiding from Nixon all the time!

Poor Darby hiding from Nixon....

Nixon found the screen door and smashes his nose against it and licks it, it is the funniest thing ever.

A video of Nixon trying to find Gauge or Darby, he knows they went around the couch somewhere.

Finding Darby

Swinging and loving it!