Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother's Day!!

I realized that I am a HUGE slacker and have been a blogger failure but I promise we are all still here and happy and crazy busy. I will post more recent pictures soon. I am realizing that I uploaded these photos back on May 27th and then never posted here is some updates but more to follow:

I came back from Utah on the Saturday before Mother's day and Jon had made me a flower bouquet out of card-stock. How adorable is that?

He told me my present ate up the money for the flowers too.... these were better anyway, they lasted WAY longer than a week!!

Not such a good picture of me... I had JUST gotten home from the airport and look a little hung over.

Jon did a treasure hunt for me to find my Mother's Day gift. It was really well done and a lot of fun. Here are the clues I was given:

#1 To my beautiful wife on Mother's Day
Word can't describe the things I want to say
So I've made up this hunt to show you the way
You're first clue is under the table where Nixon plays.

#2 Hopefully this treasure hunt will put you in a good mood
to find your next clue look under the dog food.

#3 Far and away, you're the world's best spouse
Your next clue is in the bird house.

#4 Being away from you was awfully rough
Look for this clue in the drawer with the "stuff."
(aka, my junk drawer! You know you have one too:)

#5 On this day for Mothers, you'll get plenty of slack
To find this next clue look under Nixon's favorite snack.
(Nixon LOVES to eat yogurt!! He asked for it at least twice a day)

#6 Look high, look low, look near, look far,
Look for your clue in the movie case CARS.

#7 You came home with some beautiful locks,
You'll find this clue inside the glove box.

#8 In this house, you're Queen of the court
You'll find your present next to the book of my favorite sport!

The best part is, I had NO IDEA what it was when I found it. It was a black cube, too big to be an ipod, too big to be a game thing....

Jon just laughed at me, he had taken it out of the box... to confuse me, it worked. It was an external hard drive for my computer, I am always trying to tell him I need too back up my pictures!! I was SO excited!!

11 Days in Utah, an Adventure For Sure!

For my Grandma's birthday in April I went to Utah and surprised her. She didn't have a clue I was there and I just showed up at her door on her birthday, she was excited. We got to go to lunch just the two of us and catch up, and I of course didn't take a picture. It was so much fun and nice to spend some time like we use too when I was younger.

We stayed in Utah for 11 days, Jon thought I would never make it home. Nixon had a blast in Nana's back yard and loved throwing things into the river. While we were there hundreds of rocks went in, a toy car, a sand shovel and a few other sand toys... oops!!
He was happy though!!

Chloe watched a show with him, and they were cute on the couch together.

Nixon and Mac learned to share... kind of. They were cute together!

One morning we went over to Gramsy's for breakfast and when I went to look for Nixon this is what I saw. He had gotten up on the bench and was playing the piano, he doesn't pound he plays the notes up and down... it's cute!!

He has always liked hearing the noise from a piano.

We went up and saw Hailey and Chloe dance in dance class at my sisters. Nixon sat in my lap and watched the girls, he was fascinated.

Nixon even got a treat at the end with the girls.

We went down to my dad's and Nixon LOVED the dogs and played with the bubbles.

For Lilly's birthday she had a party at a Gymnastics place. Nixon liked it, a lot.

Jumping with Bella.

Sliding with Katie.

Waiting his turn with Bella.

Then we found the pit of foam cubes.

Mac liked the foam cubes too!! Hey it's something you can throw at each other and not hurt each other... what a fun toy for these boys!!

Nixon, Mac and Bella in the box with the foam cubes!

The kids at the party all too two cubes and they had a "cube" fight, all throwing them at each other. It was classic to watch.

Mac liked jumping on the tramp the best.

More cube fights!!

I think Nixon thought it was too loud... which with all those girls screaming I would have to agree with him.

Then they went into the big room and tangled Lilly up in the big parachute.

Nixon got to try the rope swing with Aunt Katie.

He found a ball though and just spent most of the time throwing it and then chasing after it.

Chloe on the rope swing.

Izabelle on the rope swing.

Then up stairs we went and had cake and ice cream.... the best part in my opinion.

Hailey and Chloe

Lilly opening presents... lots of presents!

The party table!

Later that night we had MORE cake and ice cream at the house.
The birthday girl!!

Making a wish!

Izabelle was so good with Nixon this trip, it was awesome. She watched him and played with him the whole time.

Nixon LOVES Katie dog, cocoa. Although cocoa is so fast that Nixon can't catch her, probably a good thing for cocoa.

Nixon and Mac giving loves... after of course Nixon hit mac I am sure:(

Then high five, and pound it.

We went to breakfast with Gramsy, Connee, Jill, and my mom and Nixon was all done by the time the food was a little slow on service. Nana was so great to eat fast and take Nixon outside, it was close to the house so she said she would just walk home with him. They didn't get very far, when we came out they were across the street and this is what I saw.
Nixon had stoped and sat down to watch the cars go by on Main street, after each car would go by he would say "wow" then "get crackin' cars"

There was a lot of time spent in the window seat reading books with Bella and Nana, Nixon's favorite spot at Nana's house.

I had to make a trip down to Provo and of course noticed that they had gotten an In-N-Out burger joint...hello had to stop there. Even though I wasn't really hungry.

The line was SO long the whole time... this is behind me. What a popular was good too!

When I came back from Provo I found Nixon and Nana napping together... I guess Nixon woke up after a short nap but was still very tired!! How cute!

Nixon wanted to go outside first thing in the morning...he escaped one morning with slippers still on, I tell him he has to have shoes on to go outside, slippers count right?

Izabelle's birthday is in May so she had show and tell while I was there for her special week. She wanted to take Cocoa her dog, Me and Nixon as her show and tell. She is pretty fun in front of her classmates, it was fun to go to her school and be there with her.

Nixon wasn't so sure about all these kids! But we got him to do his animal tricks and it was a hit!!

Everyone got to pet cocoa too.

Izabelle, Cocoa, Me and Nixon at the school.

Izabelle, Cocoa and Katie.

Hmmmm what did Nixon eat... CHOCOLATE!!

Cute dirty face boy!!

Chloe found Nana's little wheel barrel and put the boys in it for a ride around the yard.

The boys thought it was so fun!

Lots of pictures of Nixon in the back yard. He loved it out there.

Me and Casey watching the kids!
Cute Chloe swinging!

Nixon, pondering on the rocks!

My mom put up the playhouse that we had as little kids. It is a bunch of material all sewn together and then we use to pin it to the swing set but we pinned it too the clothes hanger this time!

Nixon thought he was hiding!! In and out he went!

More rock throwing into the river.

Nana with her two boys, Mac and Nixon!

Mac and Chloe mixing up some 'special' treats of sand!

I went out with my girl friends on night, just the girls, it was SO much fun. My sister waited on us at Texas Road House and we just laughed and ate a lot, it was a blast! Thanks girls!!

And of course we had to have a Nordstrom shopping day... Gramsy wasn't feeling good so she wasn't able to come, but we missed her!! I forgot how much I love to shop!!!

Nana and Nixon

It's "their" spot at Nana's.

On Friday I was suppose to get on an airplane but we didn't make it, too full!! So we took a walk to Einstein's Bagels and went to Fire Man Park!!

It's a super cute park and no one was there.

Me and Nixon at the park!!

That night I was getting ready to put Nixon in his pj's and walked away for a minute, when I came back he had opened the powder and spread it on the couch. What a turkey!! He was so pleased with himself too!!

What a mess!!

Wally and Nixon!! During the trip every time Nixon saw Wally he said..."Popsicle" and Wally always gave him one... needless to say Wally was his favorite!!

While I was there my mom's neighbors were deciding on a color to paint their house, the house ended up having about 10 different colors on it before we went home. I thought it was so funny, it was different every day, I just had to take a picture.

Snack time!

Nixon LOVES the airport and all the planes!! Luckily he gets to travel a lot!!

Snack time on the plane, which to choose???