Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I forgot the Dino's in June....

Ok sorry about the random blog.... Jon posted the blog I was working on..before I was done.
(Sorry Jessy)
I will now explain the dinosaurs.... we went in June with the family to 'Walk with Dinosaurs' and I forgot to ever post pictures about it.... how sad for the rest of you. It was a life size dinosaur presentation / play kind of thing. This is backwards in how the story was told... because the Tyrannosaurus was last. He was the loudest and scared us all. This is the Tyrannosaurs fighting with the ankylosaurus, who was trying it eat the Tyrannosaur's baby...

These guys were cute... they were people dressed up as dinosaurs instead of big machines so they were funny. This is the little Tyrannosaurus.

The Ankylosaurus.

This is the Triceratops. That little guy in the right bottom corner was the narrator, he was funny.

The Apatosaurus eating trees... fake of course.

The Stegosaurus angry because his spikes are red.

Another picture of the stegosaurus. We had a fun time it was cool, they did a great job on the dinosaurs. ( Side note... I looked up these dinosaurs on google so if there names are wrong it's not my fault.)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Puppies are growing!!!

The puppies are a little over three weeks old.
This one is the biggest one still... they call him Grande.Grande is supper cuddly.

This one they call Harley - he has an all black face with just a little white patch on his chin.

Harley is the reddest we think and he looks just like our Gauge!!

This guy has the most wrinkles....

This little guy is the Whiner he is always crying about something...

This first white boy is so mello... he likes to be held.

Isn't he cute!

This one is patch... the second white boy.

As you can see he has a patch over one eye...he is SO cute too!!!

Here are some of the pups in the little pool.

Just sleeping!

Waiting to be fed.

Sleeping some more.

The pups are so cute..... good thing I am not the one with them all the time or we would have seven dogs instead of two.....hee hee

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gauge Becomes a Dad of 5 ALL BOYS!!!

Izzie looks a little scary here.... but here the mom is with her 5 BOYS!!There is two white with brown spots, two red and one darker boy!!

This is a better picture of Izzie with her new babies.
We think this little guy looks a lot like Gauge... he is Boy #1... so cute!

Here's another angle of boy #1
Boy #2

#3 This guy is a little chunk!! He is the biggest of his brothers, almost double the size of the others.

Jon got this little guy to zonk-out by scratching his little tummy.
Boy #4

Snoozin in Grandpa's hands.
There is another white one that I sadly forgot to take a picture of.