Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Easter and More!!

Jon playing 3rd base

Jon being the catcher!


There was guys from 1977 to 2006!

Missy knitted a little sweater!

A cute little hat!

It was my first attempt! But I tried to knit a hat that looks like a baseball!!

It is totally cute!!

Easter egg hunt at Grammy and Pompa's.

More of the hunt!

We are at the hunt ~ ready to go to Priebe's open house.

The BOYZ at the dock side.
Classic photo!

First Spring Time in our backyard.

Easter baskets!! Missy got a cute shirt.

Jada taught Missy how to make these signs. "S" for Spear!! They turned out really cute!


Missy hid Jon's basket....

Jon got shirts and new lenses for softball season.