Friday, June 26, 2009


Well if has been crazy here in Spokane the last month. Over Father's Day my brother, sister-in-law and their kids came to visit. Tim had signed up to do the Coeur d'Alene (CDA) Ironman this year and so they drove up with all the gear and stayed with us for a few days. It was so fun!! Mac and Nixon really got along great, it was fun to see the cousins together. Chloe LOVED "Mixon" and was super cute with the little guys.

Nixon was helping Chloe play the piano and sing. It was funny!

Mac and Nixon watching cartoons!

Of course they loved watching the dogs through the door.

We put them in the hammock together but they kinda fell on top of each other. So we got a quick snap shot before they totally freaked out.

Their little legs came right through the rope, cute huh!

And of course they took a bath together. It was so cute!!

Chloe liked to do cartwheels after the little ledge. She was pretty good by the end of the week:)

Oh Yeah!!!

Sunday was the CDA Ironman. Wow it was incredible. 2300 swimmers jumped into the CDA lake all at once at 7:00 am in the morning. It was a cloudy day and the water was a bit choppy so it was not easy!
Here is Tim before the race!!

Chloe and Tim... "GO DADDY"

We left Mac and Nixon back at home with Karen... thank goodness. It was cold at the beach and the babies would not have liked it at all.

Here they all are down the beach ready to race. They ALL were wearing black wetsuits and red caps...

At 6:20 am the pro's get to start the race and here is some of them getting out of the water and going through the check point.

There was a TON of fans there to watch.

I stood on a bench to get a better look, I am a bit short ya know.

The shot gun start... doesn't it look incredible. Tim waited 10 seconds to get in but he said there was still a TON of people running into the water.

Tim said he got kicked in the face and jaw a couple of times...ouch!! Why is this fun again?

This guy with the American flag followed the leader in the water.

Each swimmer has to swim 1.2 miles around the course and then get out and run through the check point which is that white arch. Then they get back in the water and swim another 1.2 miles. So the total swim is 2.4 miles.

The mass of swimmers coming in. Tim swam the course in 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Jon was watching Tim's bag so that we could see him transition from the swim to the bike. Isn't this a great picture of bag number 534?? Yeah Tim was 543... Jon saw someone else pick it up and thought someone stole Tim's bag. It was kinda funny.

It was a bit crazy trying to find out where Tim was and where to stand to see him. It was frustrating too because I swear no one knew anything. But we found Starbuck's and waited at the course for Tim to race by.
Yeah!! Go TIM!! The bike is 112 miles all over CDA and even goes into the next town. It is NOT flat either. Trying to see Tim in the mass of people was crazy. Every time we saw a group coming we would see white helmets and silver/white bikes. Then they would speed by... next year Tim is wearing HOT PINK I swear. Tim finished the bike in 6 hours and 23 minutes.
The run was on the sidewalk by the beach and some people had chalk so we stole some and wrote on the sidewalk for Tim.

Yeah too bad it started raining before the run and all the writing went away.

But at least we have a picture to prove we cared!

Jon and I went back after we saw Tim on the bike and got Nixon and Mac. We all had "TEAM TIM" shirts, even the little guys.

Mac and Nixon helped Jon open his father's day gift.
I got him a shade for sleeping... it's our joke.

The boys playing.

Nixon trying to steal Mac's bottle.

Sharing toys!

Or at least not crying when the other one takes the toy.

We headed back up to CDA after awhile. After the bike you have to run a FULL marathon. Yeah sounds fun right... a whole 26.2 miles and again it's not flat.

We felt so bad that it started raining and was cold. Not ideal for a race.

We were so worried that we had missed Tim on the run through the second time around. We went to the finish line and prayed he at least hadn't gone through there yet. We didn't wait long and there he was racing to finish.
Tim finished the run in 4 hours and 39 minutes. Total time was 12 hours and 32 minutes to finish the 140.6 miles. INCREDIBLE!!
Me and Mom!

Just the girls!

Me and Jon... go TIM!

Even Nixon got to be there for the end.

Tim an Ironman Finisher!!

The finisher gear isn't sold until the next day in CDA. They give the racers until midnight to finish so the finisher gear is put out after that. So we went back up to CDA and went by the famous golf course. Here is the floating green.

The cute Spear Family.

I don't think 3 tries is enough for me to make that shot.

We are so proud of Tim and all his hard work. Watching the Ironman made me want to sit on the couch and eat icecream all day. WOW they are amazing! Great job Tim we love you!

A Few Pic's

Nixon loves to put things in his mouth as all babies do. However, he also likes to CARRY things in his mouth as well. Anything really, he loves his baseball and also his green blanket, it's really quite funny. I sometimes wonder if he is picking things up from the dogs... like eating food off the floor????

We put my headband on Nixon and it totally reminded me of the 80's aerobic show. I know you all remember it. They had crazy tight outfits and wide hair and they stood on those round platforms. There was two girls and a guy and they would work out on on the TV, ok maybe it was only in Utah but I have fond memories.
Nixon could totally have been on this show with his awesome sweatband.

What a cute guy to work out too right?

There is a little hamic in the backyard that only "Little" ones can swing in, I found out of course the hard way. Yes I was sitting it one day and fell on my butt.. oops! Nixon fits perfectly though and laughs when I swing him.

His little legs come through the holes as he kicks, it's silly.
Church Day... Yeah!! Isn't he the cutest in his vest.?

Ok so I did knit this little vest and before he grows out of it I thought I had better take a few pictures.

Nixon LOVES the shower. If he hears the shower going and can get into the bathroom he will pound on the door and say "Da Da" and want in. I sometimes find him IN the shower IN his clothes. What a goof ball.

How can you say no to that face?

A video of Nixon swinging in the hamic.

Nixon will clap when you say "Yeah" it's a new trick that I use endlessly throughout the day!