Wednesday, July 23, 2008

19 days until DUE DAY!!

So two weeks and 5 days left until Baby Nixon Arrives!!
We are just counting down the days until Due Day!! We are both getting very excited!! Nixon is getting big, although I don't show it very well. I feel like I have gotten much bigger in the last couple of weeks, don't you think so???
Jon and I started a chain to count down the days 'til Nixon arrives. We have it in our kitchen and take a link off everyday. It's fun!! This was a couple of weeks ago so now there is not so many rings on it!!

I knitted a sweater for our friends new baby, it got to be a little bigger than I planned so I had to knit the smaller size, it's green too. I thought it turned out cute though!

I was cleaning the house the other day and couldn't find Darby and Gauge. They had found their way into Nixon's bedroom and were taking a nap. How cute are they!

Some side news is Jon's Jimmy passed at least 200,000 miles, well we think it could be 300,000. It doesn't have enough spaces so now it just looks like the 1974 Jimmy has 7 miles total on it. It's fun!!! This is a picture of it turning to all 0's.

Jon played on three softball teams this year. We had a lot of fun, it made the summer go by pretty quick when you have at least 3 games a week. I kept score at most of the games and I love doing it. Jon had two nasty injures this year though. The one on his knee is from crashing into the fence to catch a foul ball, it was a deep cut and bled like crazy. The second just happened on his very last night of playing softball, they told him to slide at home and look what happened. OUCH!! It hurt like the dicken's ~ poor Jon, he is always getting scraped up.

Another side note, there is this statue place down town Spokane and we always like to drive by and see the crazy statues they have. One time we just had to stop and take a look at this HUGE bulldog they had for sell.

So if anyone is looking for a good Christmas present for us, this is it. You might want to go in on it with a couple of people because it is 29 Thousand Dollars, yeah that's right $29,000.00 for this Bronze Bulldog!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July!!

Lake Roosevelt on the Fourth of July!!
We went out to the lake for the 4th with Jon's family and the Lovinger's ( family friends). It wasn't the best boating day with a little bit of rain and clouds and then sun and hot and then rain and clouds, but it was still a lot of fun. Here is Jon trying to relax on the beach.
We tried to get Katie, who is 4, to water ski behind the jet ski. She did it last summer but this time she was not going to do it.

There was a visitor on the beach too, this frog. He was pretty big!

Katie poked it with a stick and watched it jump away.

Jon and I on the beach. Getting that belly bump bigger and bigger every day I swear.

We took "Garth," Jon's 1974 GMC Jimmy, out last night to watch fireworks out in Liberty Lake. It was so fun to watch them in the back of Garth with no top just the stars above us, we had the pups too. We didn't have the best view but it was fun all the same!

Jon and Darby! Darby was a little nervous about the fireworks, she wouldn't hold still but we tried to calm her down while they made lots of noise.

Gauge just wanted to watch them. He was so funny, he wouldn't come sit back in the truck with us, he wanted to sit at the back and watch the shadows the fireworks made on the field next to us.

Speaking of Garth, we took his top off awhile ago and Jon made some improvements to him. First he put a baseball on the shifter thing in the middle( yes that is a technical term). We have a lot of fun riding around in the old Jimmy!

Also Garth got a brand new engine. The engine went out last fall and it was a sad day. But alas we saved up and got a new one. It purrs like a kitten now!! Well not really, it is very loud and beefy when we drive it around but it sounds better than it did.

Baby Nixon!!

Ultrasound at 33 weeks!! Only 6 more weeks to go last monday June 30.
Last appointment Nixon dropped so my measurements were off, my doctor ordered an ultrasound so we could make sure little Nixon is growing and that there was still good fluid amounts. Well everything looks great!! He is so cute and BIG he already weighs about 5 pounds, 5 oz. He is head down and getting ready.... little does he know he is coming out c-section so he doesn't need to do all that other fun stuff. But he sure likes to kick mommy in the ribs and bladder.

Jon painted the nursery brown and blue! It turned out really cute!!

We were a little nervous about the chocolate brown being too dark but I must say it turned out great!! Although as Jon was painting he said it looked like hershey's chocolate and thought about eating it....

We got the crib up and bedding just this week!!

The rocker and changing table!! Everything just fits so well together. I am getting super excited for this little guy!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Visitors and Baby Shower!

After our trip to my families cabin my brother came to Spokane to visit. We took him by the falls to see the roaring water!!
Tim and Jon on the bridge.

The reason Tim was in town was to see the CDA ironman. After seeing some regular joe's cross the finish line he signed up for it for next year, the crazy boy!!! Watching mad me want to never work out, they looked very tired.
We went up and saw some of it, it was incredible. Tim said there was 2300 people that started the race on the beach at the same time.... holy cow is all I have to say!

This is the winner crossing the finish line after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles and he believe it or not he is still standing!!

He made it in 8 hours and 34 minutes. They start in the CDA lake at 6:30 in the morning, the cut off time for everyone is midnight that same day. So people take that long to do it......crazy huh!

After my brother was here my mom came to visit too. She helped me get Nixon's room ready, do baby laundry and organize my kitchen so I can fit bottles and baby supplies. While she was here my friend Holly threw me a baby shower. It was a lot of fun and I got very cute gifts!
My mom made Nixon this sock monkey, isn't it freakin' cute!

Then Nana also hand made this quilt, it has cute airplanes on it.

This is Heather, Holly and Carol at the shower.

Courtney and Grandma Spear.
You can see my stroller in the back ground with car seat ready to go, Jon's mom and sister gave us that. It is this really nice jogger stroller, we love it!

Trevor and Holly gave Jon some chocolate cigars!!
I marinated two racks of ribs for Sunday dinner the other week. Jon thought it looked like a lot of ribs so he took a picture!


Well we went on a road trip this June over father's day. We even took the pups!
We headed down to my family's cabin in Mack's Inn, Idaho just about 20 minutes outside of West Yellowstone and right outside of Island Park. We met my Dad and step mom Linda there and my brother Tim and Chloe. It was a lot of fun!! Good trip to have before the baby comes. This is Gauge resting on our way out of town!
Tim and Chloe catching a fish in the boat! Our cabin in right on the Henry Fork river that flows into the Snake River. It is beautiful there and we have a lot of fun!

Me and the pups on the dock right outside the cabin!

Darby and Jon! What an amazing picture I took!

Jon and Darby watching the river and the people go by.

My brother Tim and his daughter Chloe on the four wheeler!

The dogs wrestling!

Gauge got cold from being in river, so he sat in the sun to warm up!

Here I am all prego and everything. I was about 31 weeks I think then!

Our friends that live in Rexburg Cam and Hillary came up on Saturday to visit us. We played horse shoes!! Kory came up too a little later.

I have a bit of a BOUNCE when I throw I think!! Ha Ha!

This looks like it's gonna be a ringer but I will tell the truth and say it was not!

Jon however got a ringer!!! He plays more than I do! Or at least that's what I am going to tell myself!

Then we took Cam and Hillary up to the Power Plant. This is a place where we use to come as kids and four wheel all around. It is really at the Power Plant there. We gave the boys a turn without the women holding on screaming at them to slow down!!

Then they could do jumps and stuff!

Then the women got a turn!!

Not so jumpy!!

We went up to Big Springs were the river starts. There is a big spring under ground that is filling the river with water. It just starts right there, crazy to think about.

Jon and I at Big Springs!

It's it beautiful!

This is Kory and I feeding the fish!! Hee Hee! They were all hiding under the bridge.

Jon and I!!

Cam, Kory and Jon amazingly all the same height???? Wait a second.....

The boyz!! This is the same spot they took a picture when they were here with 6 feet of snow.

This is back in March of 2007, same location but a bit different in scenery.
I thought this picture was funny of them watching Gauge under the dock!

Of course I have to brag about our amazing Gauge being an extremely good jumper!!

We went up to West Yellowstone to pick my dad up from airport so we decided to stay there and have dinner. Jon calls me Tubby all the time because of my big belly and there was a little bakery just for me!!

Here we are visiting the moose in Yellowstone!

Here is cute Chloe in her stylin' new hat!

Saturday night we had a bonfire out front. This is Cam and Jon tending to the fire!

Me and Hillary enjoying the fire!

We took an old canoe from the cabin and floated down the river. There was a spot a little drive away to put our canoe in. Jon was a trooper and pushed us a lot at first because it was so shallow, the river was SO cold Jon's feet were just frozen when he would get back in.

Here we are floating away! Me, Hillary and Cam!

The handsome couple!

Another handsome couple!

While floating down the river we could see the mountains with snow on them.... just last week it had snowed at the cabin even.

Jon relaxing on the canoe ride!

Cam was our guide along the river!

We took Cam and Hillary on a four wheeler ride.

Here we are on the four wheelers too at a bridge.

Here is Cam and Jon perched up on the bridge where we put the canoe in to go down the river.

Darby was so tired from a day of fun! She is so cute when she snuggles up!

Jon tried to take Gauge on a ride, he wasn't so sure about it.

Here I am fishing at this spot we saw on the four wheelers. You could just see all the big fish but not one bite. Jon got in with the net and tried to catch them after awhile it was frustrating. Stupid fish.... well smart fish probably!

Darby and I on the river, just watching everyone play!

Jon even got in the river with the dogs!!

They followed him around, it was cute!

Gauge was helping Jon fish!! Isn't this a cute picture!!

Family photo at the cabin!

After a four wheeler ride I was freakin' hot so I walked around in the river, it was a bit chilly but it felt nice!!

We got the motor to work and went up river to fish! Linda, Me and Jon! Linda was the first to catch a fish but it got away. I swear I caught two fish but they got away too!! Seriously!!

Jon was the only one that got a fish and brought it on board!! Hooray!! We named him Eddy!
We took Eddy back to the cabin and taught Jon how to gut the fish... it was fun to watch instead of do it!
It was about 10 inches long!

Then Linda filleted Eddy so we wouldn't have bones! However we didn't have a good knife so we used Jon's pocket knife..... don't worry he cleaned it after!

Then I prepared Eddy in eggs and crackers!

Then we ate poor Eddy!! YUMMY!! Fresh trout what is better than that!

Then it was Thursday and it was time to head back home to Spokane. We had to pack the truck up very carefully. Jon and I had measured it all out and made a graph of how everything was going to fit in the back. The crib next to the cab, then the changing table with our luggage on it, then the bassinet with shower gifts I couldn't fit in my suit case from Utah. It was packed tight but we only had to stop once to secure it. We even got the baby swing in there in Boise.... but that was later along our journey.

After the cabin we took the long way home and stopped first in Rexburg to see Cam and Hillary's place and then we all went to Idaho Falls to see Kory and Mel and their new little one Jaden! Kory treated us to lunch at his pizza joint, it was delicious!!! And had crushed ice.... what else can I ask for!

Next stop was in Boise to see Jon's brother Ryan and his family. We got in around dinner and stayed the night there before making it back home to Spokane. This is Ryan and Angela's kids! Cody, Kathleen and Brandon!

Darby and Gauge slept the whole way home!! They were so tired!!