Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Nixon is a moving around, and I turn my back for a few seconds and he is off like lightening. He loves to crawl under anything and I find him under the table or piano all the time. He is so funny about it.

So Nixon LOVES Baby Eisenstein, I don't know if I have said this before but it's true. He has now gotten Gauge to like it too and they watch it together, like this.
How cute are they?

Nixon slaps Gauge whenever the puppets come up, (that is Nixon's favorite part). Gauge thinks he is petting him... what a perfect combo!

They are good buddies!

I put Nixon in the cart at Costco for the first time a few weeks ago, and he loved it! He has outgrown his baby carseat, man he is growing so fast. But to distract him at Costco he got to hold onto my Costco card, luckily it made it all the way through the store and back in my wallet at the end.

So I left the bed for one minute and Darby jumps in with Jon, under the covers AND steals my little pillow. She is a turkey, but a cute Turkey.

Nixon loves to make noise... of any kind!

So this video is of Nixon watching me play fetch with Gauge. He does this sound when he gets so excited, I hope you can hear it, it's totally cute!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Easter Celebration!

So I might be a bit late but here are our Easter pic's. We of course colored eggs all together, a tradition. The kids love to do it and we love to watch them.
I think Katie is the most fun to watch, if we gave her 5 dozen eggs she would still want more at the end.

Jon got an egg and Nixon of course tried to put it in his mouth. He didn't think it tasted very good!

The many eggs....

Nixon's egg.

We all write our name on one egg and color it. It is a Spear Family thing I guess. So here is Nixon's egg!

Jon of course has to be serious about his egg and get it just right! Just like pumpkin carving I think.

Then there is my egg that I just throw together because Nixon wants to play with the cups with "water" in them.

Katie color the last of the eggs and putting shimmer on them.

Yeah Jon's egg!

And of course we had an Easter egg hunt. HOWEVER.... Jon, Cameron and Karen put together a Geo-cashing Easter Egg Hunt for us, where we had earth coordinates and clues to where to find the eggs around Spokane Valley. It was VERY clever and I think it was a success. Karen is on this big kick right now of finding Geo-cashing treasure, it's kinda funny.

It all started in the driveway and these were our clues:
#1. This is going to be fun - Find a yellow Easter egg out front near the sun!

The egg was in the front yard by my yellow sun stepping stone. Inside the egg it gave longitude and latitude coordinates to the next clue.
Garret was pretty excited as you can tell!

Which took us to the park by the Temple. And here was our clue #2. Some tables have metal this one is ALL wood - Find the egg around the wood if you could.

There are a bunch of tables under the pavillian but a few in the woods and we found the one that didn't have metal legs.....

And there in the trees was our yellow egg.

Very excited spectators

In the car we go to the next coordinates.

Which took us to Chester Elementary. #3. Can you spell Easter? That is the gig - to find the egg you might have to dig.

Here we were and Tanner and Katie dug for the egg. Garret was happy to play on the slide...that might have been wet from the rain that day..oops!

Digging, digging

They found it! And we put the coordinates in the GPS.

It took us up to Ponderosa.
Clue #4. Follow the trail an "X" you will see use your good eyes to find the dead tree.... Ho Ho Ho.

The "X" on the trail.

That looks like a dead tree alright, a dead "Christmas" tree. Clever!!

Katie found the egg in the tree.

This egg took us up to the new houses up in the back of Ponderosa. Clue #5. In this quest we are not seeking a pine, look for the BIG rock with a RED line.

Found the BIG rocks.

There's the line!

And the egg!!

Which took us to Grammy's house. Where clue #6 said: The eggs are calling, they can't hardly wait you will find them out beyond the back gate. (Where the dogs wouldn't find them..)

Here is Tanner and Katie with their "loot", yeah don't get too excited about it now....
We had a lot of fun on our Geo-cashing Easter Egg Hunt... Thanks Grammy, Cam and Jon! Too bad Nixon slept through the WHOLE thing. Hee Hee

Easter Morning Nixon awoke to a basket from the Easter Bunny, man he is a tricky one to find us here after all of our moving around:)

My Dad and Linda gave him a singing "Duck Bunny" that Nixon thought was pretty funny.

A new outfit from Nana B Nana!

But of course our boy LOVED the card and paper the best, I had to dig it out of his mouth after he sucked on it for a minute.

Easter Sunday pictures.... of course.

What a handsome family!!

The End,
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another Update.....

Well Nixon is turning 8 Months old tomorrow, so I know this is early but we took pictures of him in the backyard this week and I wanted to post how totally cute he is.

He is really enjoying being outside and loves to watch the dogs play and run around.

He is getting so big these days and moving around pretty good still. He always wants someone to be watching him though and doesn't like it when he is left where he can't see you.

He weighs about 20 pounds now and is fitting into 12 - 18 month clothes.

I love this picture... isn't he the cutest kid ever. Well I guess I am biased as his mom but still.....

Lovin' this shirt too, it has some textured flowers running down the front sides.

Lovin' his daddy.

Jon shaved is beard and cut his hair this week, he looks so different it's crazy. But still cute of course. I think Nixon looks just like his daddy.... he is built like him too, those broad shoulders.
Feeling all the weird outside life.

I cut my hair this week too. I was just getting so sick of it. This is much easier.

My hair use to look like this.
Nixon likes to roll off the blanket and then pull it over himself. I get under there with him and he thinks it's so funny.

He laughs at me when we play 'peek a boo' under the blanket.

Still loving the laundry basket.

I made Jon a new hat... I think it turned out pretty cute.