Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Night Out With Friends!

Our friends Tyson and Heather Dobb's are moving. They graduated from Gonzaga law school and now are moving back to Las Vegas. We should have hung out with them more while they were here... but don't you always say that???
We went out to dinner at Rocky's.. the best pizza in Spokane and then went to River Front Park and walked around. We got the mini donuts and rode the carousel. I took a couple of pic's of the boys!
Jon, Nixon, Tyson and Brody!

We will miss you guys!!

Some Kids Just LOVE to Get Dirty

Nixon LOVES to be outside, just like any boy at 20 months. On a nice day last week we took the pool out and filled it up with warm water and bathed the dogs in the backyard. Nixon thought it looked like fun so he jumped in and "helped" us pour water over Gauge. Then as Jon and I are drying off Gauge we look over and Nixon is SITTING in the dirty water pouring water onto himself. I should have known. With his crocs on and no pants...what a sight!!
But it was adorable and he was SO HAPPY to be in there.
"Helping" bath the dogs!!
Not the cleanest water, or the cleanest dogs, or the cleanest boy!
Oh my boy loves dirt and water and the combination of both!!

Good Bye Old Friend... Thanks For The Many Memories!

This is a hard post for me... Jon traded in the Jimmy and bought a new truck. He was in need a new work car, since Nixon and I have taken over the Ford. Let's be serious now, it's not easy keeping a car clean when you have a kid in the back and you will give him anything to stop crying sometimes, even if that means that there is crumbs all over:)
We have had so many great memories with the Jimmy and it was so fun to drive and cruize around in the summer with the top off. Nixon LOVED the Jimmy and never wanted to go in the Ford, he wanted to ride in the Jimmy.
To keep Nixon happy we would at least go outside once a day and play in the Jimmy. He would get in and then look at me and say "Keys?" I would have to go and get the keys because he was not happy unless he had them...and I couldn't fool him with the play keys or the wrong keys. Nixon KNEW which keys went to the Jimmy.
Jon and I decided it was time to become adults and buy a car with real seat belts and at least a seat for more than two people. I mean we do have another on the way and I don't think it's legal to strap a baby to the roll bar????
Nixon will miss the Jimmy the most!
He we are riding for the last time in the Jimmy. When you started the car Nixon would say "Vroom Vroom...."
Driving the car!!

Our little family. Good bye old friend!!

Here is the NEW truck. It is super nice and Jon loves it!! BUT it is a WORK truck, so you can guess that Nixon and I aren't really aload to ride in it.... so it will stay clean...from crumbs at least.

3 Months Down!!

It's been three months... a few weeks ago and I am luckily hitting that 'feel better' time. Too bad it doesn't happen right away, like magic, that would be nice. My best friend this pregnancy is Zofran disolvable tablets... what would I do without them. These pictures are taken at night after all the eating so I am the biggest, and I think it's funny that it changes EVERYDAY. It's like magic when I wake up and fit in my jeans and then after eating lunch I need a new pair:(

Spring Has Sprung!!

Spring has Sprung here in Spokane. It is so beautiful... the tulips have been budding for awhile and now are in full bloom. I just love this time of year. The other day it rained all night and in the morning it was gorgeous outside!! I love that!

These are right by the front door!! They are saying WELCOME to our visitors!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ward Talent Show!!

Our ward had a talent show a couple of weeks ago and as a Relief Society Presidency we did a dance and cheer. This year we have a theme of Sisters of Zion's University and it is a great program that we started off with a "Student Orientation BBQ," just like a University would do. We did a cheer and had banners, but anyway we decided to do it again at the talent show. Yes, it was embarrassing but fun!! Tara our 2nd counselor was out of town... I think she planned it that way:)
Here we are do the dance!!

Got to have a kick line... of course!


And then the cheer!
In between the talent there was "not so talented" talent. They made us put our names in a bucket at the beginning...thinking of course "oh it's for door prizes!" I should have known that it was to be picked to be the in between act. I had to try and take a cookie from my forehead to my mouth without using my hands... I lost but I got to eat the cookie!!
Jon had to put this headband on and shake his head as many times as he could and it would count the shakes. Jon of course was the winner.... and it was SO funny!

It gave him a headache after, it gave me a headache just watching it happen.

This is Jon's act on the big stage. It makes me laugh so hard every time!!

I can't believe I am putting this on my blog.. but I already made a fool of myself so what's a little more??? This is our dance!

This is the cheer!!

I will leave out names of the others to protect their identity!!:)

Spring Break 2010!!!

For Spring Break my sister Katie and her three girls flew up to see us. We had such a great time!! Here is a glimpse of some things we did!

Finding popsicles in the freezer and all having them after dinner one night! I had hid them from Nixon but not from sneaking girls in my freezer:)
Nixon LOVES popsicles and would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let him!

Watching movies in bed after bath time! At night Lilly always had Apple Jacks before bed, it was so cute!

Nixon, Lilly and Hailey!

Nap time with the girls!
Izabelle, Nixon, Lilly, Katie and Hailey!!

It was a nice day on Wednesday so we went down to river front park. Jon was able to meet us a little later at the slide!

The girls and Nixon on the slide!

Bella was such a big helper taking Nixon up the ladder and down the slide.

Lilly helped too!

So small next to the BIG wheel from the wagon!

On the Spokane blocks!

Chasing the birds. Nixon was a little more daring this time... and made me nervous.

Jon and Nixon!

Getting ready for a train down the slide.

We didn't make it on the train before the girls started sliding down.


Ta-da... we made it to the end.
Katie, Me, Hailey, Lilly, Bella and Nixon (who was done with the train)

Then we waited in line for the carousel.

Bella on the TIGER.


Me and Nixon!


Katie and Bella

Nixon remembered the last time just waiting on the horse so as soon as the pictures were taken he was DONE and wanted to get off.

But as soon as we started to go around he said "wow" and was super happy!

Chasing the ducks!

Nixon loves the ducks... a little too much for me!

Feeding the garbage goat trash!! Always a hit with the kids!

Jon and Nixon on the bridge over the falls.

My boys!

Running to mom!

This is SUCH a FUNNY picture. Nixon is running so fast that his face is wiggling and he looks like an old man!!

Looking through the holes at the bridge. Peek-a-Boo!

Nixon on the bridge.

Nana don't freak out, he didn't fall in!

"Wa-er," "wa-er" says Nixon to the water.

We took the girls to this pet store, that is a little 'interesting.' We always see the weirdest animals and people there. It might have given Katie nightmares... Oops! There is a mini crocodile, it freaks me out every time I see it!

The girls thought the crocodile was a little scary too!

Nixon loved the fish!!

There was very large fish in buckets too!

Hailey LOVED the dogs and wanted to take them home with her at the end of the vacation.

Feeding the garbage goat!!