Monday, February 16, 2009

Nixon is 6 Months!

Nixon turned 6 months last week on the 11th and I still can't believe it.
He is getting so big and handsome and we love him so much, he has truly been such a good baby I can't complain one bit. We went to the doctor and here are his stats:
Weight: 19.1 pounds
70th percentile
Height: 28 inches
87th percentile
Head Circumference: 18.5 inches
97th percentile
So as you can see he is growing big and doing well. We all knew Nixon would have a big head because he is so smart........ and maybe because me and Jon have big heads too. Just to give you an idea, Jon's neck is 18.5 inches as well... crazy to think about!
Nixon's new things this month are rolling, rolling, rolling until he gets stuck and then rolls the other way. He is a pretty good mover. He has started eating vegetables too, and likes them a lot. He got a tooth also last Friday and it is so cute to see that little grin with a little tooth. We were happy to see it come in after much teething. He loves to go on walks and grab at the dogs. He loves the sound of his voice too and when we are listening to music he likes to sing along... of course I have tried to get a video but all he wants to do with the camera is grab and eat it when he sees me pull it out.

We took the dogs to the dog park near our house last week and had a lot of fun. We can actually walk over from our house, it's nice. It was a beautiful day and Nixon looked so super cute of course!
Who's cute kid is that?

Watching the dogs play at the park.
Just recently Nixon has learned to roll over in his crib... I hear him crying and I walk in there and this is what I see. He thinks he is so funny. He moves everywhere in that crib now and when we come to get him he is always in a different spot of the crib than when we put him down.

Naked boy...... whenever Nixon is being extra difficult I can always just take his clothes off and set him on a blanket and he is instantly happy. Must be a boy thing.... happiest when they are naked!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bouncing Nixon

This is Nixon bouncing bouncing all the day long. He loves his bouncer especially in the mornings and as I make breakfast he bounces and talks... well sometimes screams, he loves the sound of his voice!

A day at the beach in Galveston

A couple of Saturdays ago we went down to Galveston and had a day at the beach.
It was a little bit cold but not too bad, it felt nice to have the sun on our faces and enjoy our little family.

Here we are getting some sun!

I wasn't ready for Nixon to experience the sand just yet. Everything goes in this boys mouth and sand is not before solid food on my list!

Trevor and Holly and her boys were there too along with Trevor's dad and mom. We had lunch and flew kites... it was a lot of fun!

Jon of course had to borrow Garrett's kite and see just how far out there he could get it, we took turns rolling it in because it took forever!!

We just drove right onto the beach it was kinda crazy. Jon and I even drove over a little river, I though for sure we were going to sink in the sand.

Nixon getting the feel of cold, salty water with his dad!

The water was a bit chilly for me and Nixon but the big boys had fun finding cool shells!

Here we are just driving on the beach... crazy huh!

Abandoned houses that are really damaged from the storm. You could see inside some of them because the walls were gone on sides of the houses.

Here are some random pictures of our little "stinker." He is so smiley I love it! He was wearing my brothers old MC Green shirt the other day and looked so cute.... my grandpa would smile to see him in it!

Snuggling with Daddy in the morning!

Those cute cubby legs... I love them!

Nixon and Gauge are really getting to like each other. It's super cute! Although everything that is Nixon's the dogs think they should have too. Especially toys and blankets. Whenever I put a blanket down for Nixon to play on the dogs immediately come over and lay down... it's funny ... for the first few times!

Just chillin' together!