Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nixon's New Adventure!

So we bought Nixon a little bouncer that he loves. I was worried he wasn't big enough yet but I was wrong. He can turn himself around and push off the ground to bounce around!There is a mirror that he can see himself and he smiles and laughs... it's so cute!

His new thing lately is sticking his tongue out! I love it... just the last few days he found it and he decided he likes that tongue of his.

It could get us in trouble one day but we stick our tongue out back at him. He thinks it's funny!

Snow filled Weekend in Utah!

Jon, Nixon and I went to Utah last weekend. Jon's cousin from North Carolina was in town and we hadn't seen him since our wedding so we caught a plane... not too easily because we flew stand by but we finally made it on Saturday. I of course totally forgot to take pictures of visiting with Bill, Marsha and Jim... I am a space case sometimes as you know. It was so fun to see them though and we met Jim's daughter who was super nice too!! Thanks guys for letting us crash your family time!!

First thing was first... Nixon needed a haircut!! Nana was so kind to cut it just a little off the top!! This is Nixon's 2nd official haircut!

I think my sister's kids were more excited to see Uncle Jon than me or Nixon. They just wanted to play with him on his computer. Bella showed him how she can read and they played 'Where's Waldo', it was so cute!

Aunt Katie and my chunky monkey!

I had knitted these hats long ago and we had forgotten to take family pictures in them. They are all knitted in the same three colors but different orders.

This is in my mom's backyard.

Cute family photos in the snow.

Rosy cheeks!

This one is my favorite!

We were trying to decide who Nixon looks more like. I think he looks like Jon.. he's got his round face and lips and ears.

But he has my nose and big blue eyes! I think he is a pretty good mix!

Nana got Nixon these super cute pants with bear paws on them. They were nice and warm for that Utah snow.

Bella got her ears pierced while I was there. She has been asking Katie for awhile now and finally she kept her room clean for two weeks straight so she got them done.

She was so brave... I was proud of her!

After the shock... she was excited!!

Nixon loved just being with Nana by the fire and talking.

And laughing...

On thursday we went to this place downtown Salt Lake called Gardner Village. Nixon had to be bundled up because it was a wet day and cold.
At lunch.

The ducks!! They were definitely not afraid of us!

Feeding the ducks!

Katie and I wanted to see if the ducks would eat out of our hands but we were afraid. Nana of course did it right away....

So I had to do it too.... it was fun!

Walking around the shops... my favorite shop was the fudge store... yum!

Cousins....Mac and Nixon. You would never know it but Nixon is younger than Mac by a month. However, Nixon is a big bigger than Macadoodle. They loved watching each other at breakfast.

Slapping hands is Nixon's new thing. His hands are so chubby and cute!

I went in to find Nixon napping like this at Nana's... It looked so cute I had to take a picture!

Thanks everyone for entertaining us and sorry we didn't get to see everyone. Next time... as I always say!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fruit Pizza Recipe!

I have been asked to post the Fruit Pizza recipe... sorry it took me so long. But it is super easy and really good!! You can double if you have too... the different layers... it depends on what pan size you use and everything. Enjoy!!

Fruit Pizza Recipe
(9 x 12 Pan)
First Layer:

2 Cup Flour
1 Cup Butter
4 Tablespoons Sugar
1/2 Cup Chopped Nuts (Optional)
Mix and spread on pizza pan. Bake at 350 degrees until brown

Second Layer:

1 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 -- 8 ounce cream cheese
16 ounces of Cool Whip
Few drops of Milk
Beat two minutes. Spread on crust after crust is cooled. (Don't put it on when crust is even a least bit warm--you can put the crust in the fridge to speed up the process.)

Final Layer:

Fruit of your choice. (Strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, grapes (cut in half), mandarin oranges or whatever you like.)
Always start on outside edge with whatever fruit you have the most of.)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nixon is 5 months!

Where has the time gone.... it has been 5 months since Nixon was born. His latest thing is rolling from his back to his stomach and then back to his back. He is getting good at this rolling thing. But mainly it's from his back to his stomach and then he cries when he is done. He has decided that he doesn't want to be held to go to sleep anymore, unless I have a bottle. He wants to be put in his crib with his 'plug' and blanket and mobile and he goes right to sleep on his own. It is kinda bitter sweet because I love rocking him to sleep, but heck I am not complaining. He loves to go on walks and wants to be able to see everything that is going on. He is really starting to like Gauge and watches him all the time, it's cute! He is a big 'gabber,' loves rice cereal, drools all the time, and loves to be kissed and tickled. He likes to pee in the bathtub and be naked too, I can't forget. He is just such a good baby, I can't believe how lucky we are. He is my little buddy and I love having him with me all the time.

For his 5 month celebration we found this really neat walk way by our house. It is right on a little lake and right by a nice golf course, where people were out golfing.

Everyone called Jon on our walk, the dogs thought it was good timing to chase something every time the phone rang. He is a busy guy... I thought it was funny so I took a picture of him.

It was a little chilly on our walk. I of course bundled Nixon up but forgot a jacket for me.

Beautiful wildlife on our walk too!

Here are some more pictures of my big boy!!!
He loves this giraffe toy, it's really funny!
Finding his feet and socks!

Going to church!

All smiles!

Theres that drool!!

Taking a nap!!

Reflecting back on 2008

I reflect back on the year 2008 and I can't believe it's over really. Some of the hightlights I would like to remember are:
*Being Pregnant... I didn't think it was all that bad. I felt great and feeling Nixon kicking and having the hiccups at least twice a day was fun!
*William Madsen was born!
*Remodeling our bathroom downstairs, Jon letting me paint it yellow.
*Lots of fun baby showers
*LOTS of trips to Utah to visit family.
*Camping with Jon and the dogs with our ward/stake. It rained a couple of times on us. But there was flushing toilets, this I remember!
*Driving down with the dogs to Island Park to my families cabin for a week. Having a lot of fun on the river with family and friends. Then traveling back threw Rexburg Idaho to see Kory and Mel and Cameron and Hillary. Then on to Boise to see Jon's brother's family. This was a HUGE road trip but it was a lot of fun. I remember Jon and I talking in weird accents about all the streets signs and construction we had to go through. Then I remember almost running out of gas and Jon not telling me how low we really were until we saw a gas station.
*Mac Pickett was born!
*Jon and I had our 3 year anniversary and ate steak up at the Wolf Lodge.
*Nixon of course was born and we can't imagine life without him.
*The Olympics were in China.
*The Spear Family Reunion -- including the Spear Family Olympics and juggling show.
*Jon and Trevor got a crazy idea and took off 3 weeks after Nixon was born to go chase hurricanes in Louisiana and Texas.
*Snowbird vacation!!
*Texas "vacation" right after the hurricane... not such a good idea.
*Moving to Texas and saying good bye to Spokane Washington for awhile.

I think that sums up a bit of 2008 for me. Wow what a ride it was. I am hoping for a bit of calm this year.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009 Beginnings!

Well the new year has begun and we have already had a lot of fun!!
I started giving Nixon a little rub down at night to calm him down before bed and he LOVES it. He loves to be naked and roll around on the blanket and talk to me and daddy. He is getting chunky and I love it. His little tummy and legs have rolls and I just want to kiss them every time he is naked!
Telling Daddy-o what happened today.... a lot of very important things I am sure.

Nixon loves this little jack toy. It swishes a little and it is just right for him to hold, eat, throw and hit himself with of course.

Well for New Year's Jon's friend Johnny Mac came into town. So we had a big party... oh wait, we didn't! But we did watch football that we had recorded and ate lots of good treats. I made fruit pizza for the first time, a Spear family tradition. It turned out pretty good and cute!

Then we had cheese dip and little hot dogs! YUM!!! I am realizing I put a lot of pictures of food on this blog, SO ME!! HA HA!!

Last weekend my Dad and Step mom came down to visit. They decided to bring us our Christmas presents instead of mailing them (it has nothing to do with the fact they forgot to mail them). It was so fun to have them.
On Saturday we went to BODY WORLD. Ok, I thought it was going to be totally creepy but it wasn't. Half the time I didn't think the skeletons were real. BUT it was awesome! Seeing the muscle and the skin and the intestines! We really thought it was neat and very interesting.

Then we went down to the Kemah Boardwalk, which is about an hour from our house. It was a little resort town. As we drove up and parked we saw this roller coaster and thought "No way is that running right now." Oh we were wrong, as we saw a load of people on the roller coaster going down the wooden planks. Man I wouldn't have ridden it BEFORE the hurricane, let along AFTER the hurricane.

A great carousel, Nixon will love later I am sure.

Right on the boardwalk.

Grandpa and Grandma Pickett and Nixon.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

While waiting for dinner we walked around and found some games to play. I totally pressured Jon into playing this one, mainly because of the pictures. He said he would do it, if I did it too.

I used the little hammer for kids and it was even freakin' heavy.
All for the pictures????????

My precious boy, he is getting so big and cute!