Friday, May 30, 2008

Camping for Memorial Day!

Jon and I went camping this last weekend over Memorial Day up at Ferragut State Park in Athol, Idaho! There was lots of people from our ward there and from other wards too. We mainly camped with our friends Trevor and Holly and their boys and Trevor's parents, Jim and Carol.
We had pretty good weather actually, just a little rain on Saturday! This is our camp site! I know it's kinda dark but this is when it was raining!

This is Jon making dinner in the rain! Thank goodness for Trevor's canopy, to keep us a little dry!

Of course camping means chopping lots of wood, so Jon sharpened his ax and hatchet.

This is Garrett Trevor's oldest, riding around on his bike!!

This is Mason, Trevor's youngest downing the booz... ok ok it's just IBC root beer, but it looks so funny!

The kids loved riding around on the motorcycle. This is Porter and Mason waiting for a ride!

Gauge enjoyed relaxing in the sunshine!

Darby enjoyed sticking her head in mole holes and trying to get them to come out and play!
We had a really good time, although I was happy to make it home to my own bed after three nights in a tent!!
I planted my flower garden this week too. It took me all day on Wednesday! I didn't realize how being pregnant made it much more difficult to plant, if only he could ride on my back for a little while. Then I could really get down and up much easier!

This is the beginning, hopefully I read the plants right and they all need lots of sun! Jon got me this new curb too around my flower bed, nice huh! I love it!!

This is my mother's day gift from my mom, a hanging plant. It's beautiful!! I hope I don't kill it!
After planting all day, I need to rest for two days and take lots of naps!

Home Improvements!!

Well I think I forgot to put our new bathrooms on blog!! We added an additional bathroom to the house in the basement. It seems like it took forever, but now that it is all done it is so nice!! We finished it back in December but I failed to put it on the blog!
First thing we did was frame it all in!

If you have ever been to our house, the bathroom went inbetween the laundry room and the storage room!
Then the sheet rock and mudding. Then Jon and I painted it!
We took that little closet out of the big living room and made it into the hallway to get to the new bathroom and storage room now but will be another bedroom someday!

Then we painted it yellow! Jon wasn't so sure but that what I wanted!
This is how it turned out! Cute huh! My mom says that you can roller skate in it cause it's so big!!
Nice tile on the floor and shower!! Jon will catch me showering down here sometimes cause it's so fun!
Then we decided to paint the bathroom upstairs too! We painted it this mossy green!The ceiling is a darker green! It looks great!

For mother's day Jon got me a new bathroom sink for the upstairs bathroom. It use to be these white tiles that I hated!! Every time I cleaned them I hated them more, every thing would stick into the white grout lines and I had to use a toothbrush to get it clean. SO, Jon knows a granite guy that came and put in a granite sink, with an under mount sink even. The faucet is awesome too, like a waterfall!! I know I am spoiled!! I love it, and I clean it all the time cause now it's so easy!

Trip to Utah

Nixon and I took a trip to Utah for 10 days!! Yes, you heard me right 10 days!! Jon about died without us! First things first, my mom and sisters threw me a baby shower!! It was so fun to get some things for Nixon, it actually felt like we might be having a baby!! Well besides the fact that my tummy is nice and round...
This is Nixon's sweat suit!! Hot stuff!!

And what boy doesn't need a 'Big Digger' hat and outfit to match!!
He must fit into the family now!!

I got to visit with friends!!
This is Katie and Liz, good friends from the high school years!

Me and my sister Katie

This is Lois and Nan ~ good friends of the family!

My brother is amazing and made me a changing table!! It is freakin' awesome!!! Then my mom gave me her old crib that I was in as a baby and Tim re stained it so that both would match!

The changing table has this cool knot in the wood that I love!!

The crib looks great too!! Thanks Tim you are the best!! I can't wait to get it to Spokane and put it in Nixon's room!

I got lucky and got to go to a Playoff game. My mom didn't want to go so I went in her spot with my step dad, Wally. The Jazz vs. Lakers!! Game 3!

Holy cow it was SO loud - Nixon was awake the whole time, it was nuts!

The Jazz bear is something else. He got up on this HUGE ladder and did tricks.

My sister has a dance studio in her basement and while I was visiting I got to go to her spring recital. This is Hailey and Bella at dress rehearsal.

Lilly bean!
Tim and Chloe!

Lilly dancing in the recital, she is 4!

Dancing Bella, she is 6.

She would laugh every time she did her jumps, it was adorable!

Then Hailey and Chloe who are 2 1/2.

They held hands during the tap dance, it was so cute!

Then of course I always have to hit the Hogle Zoo.

The bears were wrestling and it reminded me of when Gauge and Darby wrestle in the back yard.
They even have a white alligator, it was wild to see!

We had to ride on the train too!

Here we all are out front!
Katie, Hailey, Bella, Me, Lilly, Chloe and Casey!

And of course we had to have coffee at Starbuck's a few times!
Chloe and Casey!

Me and Mom!

We had a picnic at the park too with the kids!

I even got to stay for Bella's birthday! I gave all the girls their presents together, new aprons!! Stinkin' cute huh!! They loved them!

Bella's party was a Hanna Montana party, so of course they decorated guitars!

A pinata even!

Happy Birthday Izabelle, she turned 6!!

Mom and I served ice cream and cake!

My dad and step mom, Linda threw me a shower too! It was fun! We played a matching game that was hilarious, it had pictures of Jon and I .... I can't put it on the blog though, it's too embarrassing!

Thanks Dad and Linda for a great shower!!!