Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trip to Utah for the 4th of July!!

More candy!!

Dede, Chloe, Lilly and Bella!

Lilly and Chloe - what cute cousins!

Jon and Missy tail gating at the Oakley Rodeo!

Bella and Chloe getting ready for the Rodeo!!

Nana and Bella watching horses and bulls!

This clown was funny... he did a bit with this horse that was pretty good. Shhhhh the horse is sleeping.

Tim and Chloe... Chloe liked all the animals... she called the bulls, moose though.. it was funny!

Chloe bug!!


There was a firework show at the end too!!

Tim through Casey a surprise belated party. Here is her cute volleyball cake.

The party animals. Jon, Missy, Casey and Suzi.

Tim and Wally

The boys out on the porch. Brandon, Jason and Tim.

Party on!

Chloe gets cake and ice cream too... Yummy!!

Hailey, Lilly, Dede and Bella all watching Beauty and the Beast together at Nana's.

Here is Jon and Chloe out to dinner. Chloe likes her uncle Jon.

My cousin got married while we were there. Here they are A.J. and Adrienne the newly weds!

This was the wedding cake which we thought was freakin' cute!

Here is Chloe being cool in Jon's sunglasses at the reception.

Of course there was dancing too!! We tried to get the boys out there but no go - they were too cool!! Jon and I did dance a slow song though.... he is a champ!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

June 2007 Events


We went camping up at Lake Roosevelt lake week. This is us camping... Yeah!!

Here is Cam and the puppies blowing up the tubs.

Pompa and Katie roasting marshmallows.

The puppies loved the lake. They swam so much they are tired!

We saw this bald eagle just sitting there right off the lake. It was so amazing!!

Here it goes taking off.

What a good driver!!

Jon wake boarding!


Tanner and Shell tubing!

Fun Fun in the Sun!!

I finally fell off into the water. It was funny!

We went to a Youth Camp Out trip up by Coliville. It was the bishop's family's land and they own about 100 acres. It was beautiful. I pulled Jon along with me cause I had to go as a Young Woman leader, but he had fun too.

This is the beautiful creek that was right by the cabin. The kids tubed down it. It was a little cold but fun.

Jon playing frisbee

The MEN sitting and talking.

Here we are camping.... such good leaders!

The girls decided to exfoliate their skin and have a mud scrub.

They all got together and played the DOT game. It was funny to hear them... and then they got the song stuck in our heads for the ride home.

We've got visitors!!!

Katie, Bella and Lilly come to visit Dede and Jon!! First stop the BIG RED WAGON of course!!

Bella and Lilly had a lot of fun sliding down and down again!

There are the sisters!!

Then of course we fed the ducks.... they were very hungry!

They even like gold fish Bella found out!!

Here is Katie and Lilly by the river.

Dede and Bella!

We rode the carousel too and got lots of rings.

Hold on tight!!

Bella and Dede are ready to go!

The falls were rolling this time of year.

Bella and Jon.

The bridge swayed as we took pictures from the rolling water under us.

I don't know why but all the kids love to sit under the drawer when they are at my house.

Bella got along really well with Darby and Gauge. She was a big help to Dede feeding them and giving them treats.

Gauge and Bella are best buds!

Here we are making waffles for breakfast!

We went and watched Jon play softball too.

Here we are warming up!!!

The cheerleaders!!

Bedtime... we are all in our pj's!!

Before they head home we ate at Red Robin... YUMMY!
Dede, Bella and Jon

Katie and Lilly .

What a fun trip with the Wayments!!!