Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Holidays!!

We colored eggs for Easter last Friday with the family!! It was very exciting!!
Katie and Emily. Katie could have done another dozen eggs if we had had them ready!

Tanner.. and his favorite egg he colored!

"Pompa" coloring eggs... he was in charge of the glitter bag!! It was the hit of the easter egg party. The kids liked to put the eggs in this bag full of glitter and make there eggs sparkle!

Karen - she was in charge of keeping Garret happy and didn't get much egg coloring done.

It is tradition to make an egg with your name on it. So here is the "Jon" egg and we made a "Boy" egg too! We are cheezy!!!

My "Missy" egg and "Boy" egg!!

Easter Sunday... the Easter Bunny came our way!!

My favorite part of my basket.... three boxes of Thin Mints.... yummy!!

Well now that I am 4 1/2 months a long... (19 weeks) I have gotten a little belly. Our little boy is growing big and I know I should hold my breath because any time now I will not be able to see my feet!

St. Patty's day arrives and we had a very GREEN breakfast. I made "Special Drink" as I like to call it but it's just orange julius.

And some yummy GREEN pancakes!

Grandma Spear had her St. Patty's party and the bag pipers came and did a little concert in the back yard. It was awesome!!

After eating corn beef and cabbage baby boy spear was VERY active.. it was really funny. Jon even felt the little guy just going nuts in my belly!

Tanner gets Baptized!

Tanner got Baptized!!
Family shot! This is Jon's sister that lives here in Spokane.
Kirt, Tanner, Katie, Garret and Emily!

That same weekend we went to a Whitworth college basketball game for fun!

It felt a little like high school being there, the gym isn't very big but we still have a good time!

Here is us being Pirates!! Argggggg

We went with our friends Sarah and Craig!!

The mascot was very friendly and very willing to have his picture taken!!

Pinewood Derby!

The Elder's Quorum in our ward had there own Pinewood Derby. Of course there was only ONE rule, NO open flame. This made it a ton of fun!
Jon made these two cars... one of course is a model of what he hopes someday our '74 Jimmy will look like and the other is just super heavy.

He even made seats and the roll bar!

This was voted the 'funniest' car. It was made with lego's. Surprisingly it was fast. !

The RACE TRACK!!! It's a lot longer than I thought it was going to be!
This was my first pinewood derby - and it was super fun!!

Since there was no rules! Of course there was a car with a big arm stopping the rest of the cars from getting ahead of it. It worked ... but not in the last race, it got 2nd over all.

Jon was in charge of keeping score!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day!
Jon took me out of our FAVORITE place to eat. It's in Coeur D'Alene but it is worth the little extra drive to get to it. It's our favorite steak house The Wolf Lodge, they cook our steaks over an open tamarack fire. Best steak ever!!
The steaks are huge too, we got two to split - each 32oz.

I made Jon an explosion box for Valentine's day.

Jon got me 24 really pretty red roses for Valentine's too. I love flowers, in case no one knows!!! This is back in January... I didn't have a belly back then!!

We had the biggest snow year in a VERY long time this year in Spokane. Jon was so sick of shoveling the driveway...he almost made me do it! Ha Ha!!! For about a week we got so much snow they canceled all schools because the buses couldn't get the kids to them. I bundled up and stayed home for the week.

This is taken from our front porch. There was so much snow you couldn't even see the road. When they finally plowed the side roads we had HUGE banks of snow on both sides of our small street. I had to have Jon take me to work in the truck because the honda couldn't make it over them. It was wild!!

I went down to Utah for a quick trip to see the same in February. We went to a our family's favorite restaurant as kids, the Pagoda. Hailey and Chloe are best friends and they always have to sit with each other. It's adorable!

Chloe helped Nana make breakfast.

Casey, Chloe and I ate that breakfast willingly.

We had a visitor.....

Back in January we tended one of Gauge's puppies.... well he isn't a puppy anymore. The owners of the mom kept one of the pups so while they were out of town we tended.
However that same weekend Darby got her dew claw snagged on something and we had to have it cut back really far so it bled everywhere. Jon and I had to bandage it up everyday... I didn't have any gauze so I used part of a maxi pad... Jon thought that was terrible... but it worked great!!This is our Gauge... getting so big!

And here is Gauge's son Winston!!

Like father, like son they both loved to snuggle on the love sac.

They mostly just chased each other all week long. Darby would chase Winston, then Gauge would chase Darby. It was really funny to watch.

Monday, March 17, 2008


We'd like to announce that we are having a BOY!!!
We had an ultrasound today and found out Jon will be getting his little baseball player!
Our little boy was so nice he gave us a nice BOY shot for the picture!
We can't question that one!!This picture made us laugh because my family all crosses their legs the same and we rub our feet together, it's a thing people tease us about BUT surprise surprise so does he!!!

Good profile shot!! What a poser!

Now that I am posting this I am realizing that I might not have announced on the blog that we are pregnant. Oops! Don't feel too bad though we only starting telling everyone the middle of February. Right now I am a little over 18 weeks and I am due August 16th. We are so excited to be parents, and we have been having a lot of fun enjoying this life changing experience. We have known since the beginning of December that we were pregnant, it's kinda been fun keeping it a secret!