Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Address

Change of Address:

If you are wondering what our new address is, well you can send all letters to:

9116 E. Sprague #421
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

For parcels or anything bigger than letters...

3914 S. Bowdish Rd.
Spokane, WA 99206

I am just trying to keep everyone on their toes... how am I doing???

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Every St. Patrick's Day we head up to Grandma Spear's for corn beef and cabbage and listen to the bag pipers from the fire department. What a fabulous tradition. I was happy when we decided to move back to Spokane just in time for this fun holiday.

Nixon and Jon watching the bag pipers.

Nixon was a little heater outside in the chilly night.

Nixon really liked watching the band, it was so cute!

All in green!! You can't pinch us!

Grandma Spear got a new puppy, Daisy. She is a french mastiff and is already as big as our Gauge and only 14 weeks old. Nixon thought it was fun to tease her while she was outside and we were inside. When the bag pipers came playing down the walkway into the backyard Daisy took off and hide in the very back corner of the yard. Jon had to go back there and get her after it was all over, poor little thing was pretty scared.

Nixon turned 7 months this past month and is a moving machine. Although he can't crawl yet, he is sure thinking about it. But can get around pretty good without crawling yet. He loves to blab and sing along with me as I sing to him. He also likes to flip over as soon as you put him on the changing table, this is not so fun for changing diapers, especially dirty ones. He is now sitting up by himself, put still tips over when he isn't thinking about it. He has his first real cold right now and we took him to the doctor and he has a mild ear infection too. Poor little guy... I hate it when babies are sick. He weighed in at 19 pounds 11 oz. at the doctor.

The other day he had rolled himself up in this blanket all by himself.
He is so easily entertained too. He loves these bigger boxes of cereal from Costco. They are his new drums!

And of course when Nixon is snuggling with us he has my "foot rubbing curse" as Jon likes to think of it. My whole family does it when we are relaxing, and so does Nixon. How cute is that!
Gauge and Darby are enjoying the BIG yard at Gramma and Pompa's. Gauge liked eating the snow, it was so funny to watch. He would be running and then stop and take a bit. Yum!

Darby liked jumping around and playing with a toy, by herself of course. She didn't want either of us to throw it for her. She could do it on her own.

Funny Dogs!

A video of the bag pipers on St. Patty's day.

Brett Dennen Concert

Jon, Cam and I went to 'The Knitting Factory' downtown Spokane last Monday night. It is a club that a lot of bands come and perform at. We went to watch Brett Dennen, a great singer we all like. It was so nice to get out for a night without the stinker, Nixon.

The opening band, Angue & Julia Stone. It is a sister and brother from Australia. At first I wasn't so sure, but by the end I really liked them. The sister was super talented and played the guitar, trumpet, piano and hermonica.
They are super "hippy" which was kinda fun. She wore no shoes and a long dress that she danced with during the songs. She kinda reminded me of my mom when she was 16, or least the pictures I've seen of her.
Brett Dennen is a folk singer with a little rocker... if you heard him you' d love him. I even got my mom to like him.
He is a bit "hippy" too and sang without shoes also. While incense burned on stage.

We were up on a balcony listening.

Jon and I did go down to the "pit" to listen for a few songs. It wasn't totally packed but there were a lot of people. It was actually the perfect concert.

The red wild hair reminds me of my step dad Wally in his youth...

A little video too.

A stop in Utah

While Jon drove back to Spokane with the dogs and his little brother I flew through Salt Lake for a quick trip.

Nixon got to sit in a high chair for the first time and thought he was pretty cool.

He loved pounding on the tray... and getting to eat with everyone up high.

Hailey wearing Nana's big pink glasses!!
And Lilly.. and yes she is in her swimsuit. Just in case the snow melts into a big swimming pool and it heats up to 80. She is prepared!!

This picture won't turn for me.. sorry! But I was checking my email at Nana's and when I turned around her is what I saw. Nixon is getting good and moving around, without crawling. He can get into the silliest places sometimes.
On Sunday Nixon and I drove down to Elmo, right outside of Price and met Jon and Cam at Aunt Marsha's and Uncle Jim's. They drove straight there from Houston, a 24 hours drive. Crazy boys! But they did get to take a rest for a day before continuing to Spokane. Of course I didn't take any pictures... AGAIN. Man I am bad at this sometimes. But Marsha fed us a lot and it was fun to see them. Granny came over too and we got to all have dinner together. "Thanks for letting us stay and eat your food. We love you guys"

I love it when Nixon is sleeping. He is so cute! I put him on his back to sleep but within about 20 minutes he flips himself over and sleeps on his tummy.

Bella, Hailey and Lilly taught Nixon how to play the piano. He thought it was the best thing...

The girls were eating marshmallows and licked them and put them on their noses. It was funny!!

I said, "Put your noses together and let me take your picture." They took me literally and put their noses together, ya gotta love kids.



Hailey.... and she isn't last

Even Nixon ... how cute is that?

Now if only Mom would let him eat it...

And Aunt Katie

The girls love to be in the backyard with Papa Wally, Nixon had fun watching them threw the window. They are so cute!

Nana feeding Nixon before she goes to work!

Yum! Rice Cereal...

Sorry we didn't get to see more of everyone. I was there for such a quick trip. Thanks for letting us come Nana and make your house a mess. It was ALL Nixon ya know! We love you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An adventure for sure...

You'll Never Believe It....

Well the Spear Family is back in the state of Washington again.
Man we never have a dull moment in this family. It's a long story but we came to a cross roads at work in Texas and decided it was a good time to move back to Spokane. It was crazy and overwelming for awhile but we made it. Again i had to pack up in one weekend but I did it and Nixon was so helpful. I have funny pictures to post of him "helping" me pack but I will get to those later when I find my camera cord.
We have moved into Jon's parents basement until we decide what the heck we are going to do...our house here is rented out still. Hopefully it won't be long and I can post some fun pictures of our adventure. The dogs are loving the acre lot here and are found alot of the time chasing birds, cats, deer and each other in the yard. Nixon has decided he doesn't want to change time zones and wakes up at 5 or 5:30 am no matter what time I put him to bed, needless to say I am finding myself taking naps during the day. Other than that he is doing great and loving all the grandparent attention.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A cute Video

This is a cute Video of Nixon sticking his tongue out. He has two teeth now and I think he likes the feel of his tongue on them. Align Center

Nana Comes To Texas

Nana came down a couple of weeks ago and visited.
It was so fun to have her down. We went on lots of walks and she loved snuggling with Nixon. It was so nice to have her here.
We took her down to one of our favorite places here in Texas, Kemah Boardwalk.
As we got there we noticed they were working on the big roller coaster. Yes it is a wooden roller coaster and it looked even more scary knowing they were replacing parts.... anyone for a ride???

Nana said one thing she wanted to do while she was here was to smell the ocean. It was a perfect day for that. Nana took us to lunch on the boardwalk and we had fresh fish, it was SOOO good. We got this desert that was to die for too, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. YUM!

The Spear Family!

Lots of pelicans in the water. We even saw one catch a fish.

Jon with his big boy!

We went over the bridge that lets the boats through. This time I had my camera. It was fun to drive over it.


Nana knitted Nixon this cute hat. It has a bill even, he looks so cute in it!

Believe it or not Nana had to cute Nixon's hair again. This is his THIRD haircut!!

I entertained him with a mixing bowl...he was a trooper!

Thanks for coming Nana we love you!!