Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Valentine's Day and More!

We go and see the Tigers and Lions too!!
This is DeDe, Bella, and Lilly

The gorilla is still bigger than Bella and Lilly

Dede and Nana are the same size as the Gorilla! Yeah!

This is Chloe Bug at Starbucks! Cheese!!

Sisters.... Katie got a perm and Dede chopped her hair off and dyed it red!

Nana knits sweaters for all the girls! Freakin' Cute!
Lilly, Chloe, Hailey and Bella

Ah - naked girl!

Nana with Chloe and Hailey

For Valentine's Day Jon rents a Hummer 3 for Me!! It was awesome. I always tease Jon that I want one - Jon is so creative when it comes to gifts.

It was super fun to drive.

I was the king of the road for a few days!

Jon's hair is getting longer and he decides that parting it down the middle is back in style!
Jon put up a mantle for me over the fireplace up stairs. It looks so good - he did a great job!!My mom gave me a big Star for Christmas and I put it up in my kitchen.
It looks so cute!

Jon gave me this rug to put in the office. It is SO shaggie but I love it.
We had to put something down because I do my hair in the office in the mornings and my
hairspray was sticking to the hardwood floors. Jon calls this rug the UGLY rug -

Our cute house with Christmas lights up. Our first year putting up lights, it was fun!

I even decorated the front porch. I love Christmas!!

With little cupboard space we found this little cupboard to put our dishes in.
I think it turned out really cute!!

This Christmas we had a theme of "OUR HOUSE"
We got lamps for our front room, since there is not ONE light in there, they work great!

Here they are close up. I think they are so cute!