Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 2008 Adventures!!

Well we have picked out a name for our baby boy that is growing so big!!
His name is NIXON!!!
We haven't picked out a middle name yet but that is next!!
Jon bought Nixon his first baseball glove!! What a proud daddy!

We went to the doctor and they said Nixon is in the 95% for length and weight... whatever that is suppose to mean. He only weighed 11 ounces at the time???? We have scheduled the delivery date too.. Nixon will be born August 11th, 2008 at about 7:30 am. (Of course that is if he cooperates with me and the doctors).

I have finally popped out a little and started gaining a little weight!! Now people believe me when I say I'm prego!

Jon and I got some new furniture recently!! We haven't bought anything new since we have been married so it was kinda exciting... a milestone you might say!
This is our new table, it is dark wood, gathering height and has a butterfly leaf that stores under the table which is awesome!! So it can be small for us but big when the family comes over.

Another view!

Then we got new couches for the upstairs - nice dark leather!!! This is the sofa, to be perfectly correct!

And the love seat... I am relizing now I forgot to take a picture of the chair... oops!! But you get the idea!

My mom came and visited for a weekend and we shopped 'til we dropped of course. Then we went to Wolf Lodge and had some steak!!!

44 ounces anyone????
We had a really fun time!! Thanks for coming MOM!!!

So Jon went fourwheeling with Trevor down in Moses Lake at the sand dunes a few weeks ago. He came home and told me he was sore and had been beat up pretty bad..I didn't believe him until a week later this bruise popped up!

My dad and step mom came up this weekend to visit and they brought their two dogs with them. Needless to say our house felt like a miniature dog park all weekend. They have one of Gauge's pups Bogart. This is Gauge and Bogart watching out the front window for excitement!

Bogart has a collar on and Gauge doesn't!! They were cute all weekend!

We took them ALL up to Manito park and walked around, it was a little too early for the beautiful flowers but it was still a nice day - and we haven't had one of those for a long time here!

They happen to have a big pond there where the kids feed the ducks and geese. Gauge just wanted to be fed a seagull or a duck!!

The rose gardens... but the roses aren't out yet!!
This is Dad, Brooklyn, Jon and the pups - Gauge, Bogart, Benson and Darby!

The pups got pretty tired on our little adventure, but we sure had a fun weekend. Thanks for coming Dad, Linda, Brooky, Bensen and Bogart!

Jon turns 27!!!

Well Jon is one year older and wiser too!!
Jon turned 27 this year -- it was exciting. We had a morning fire upstairs, of course because it snowed that night... which I don't think has happened on his birthday before???? Then we opened presents and had breakfast. We had a fun day.... Jon spoke at a funeral... ya he did ON his birthday it was kinda sad but he did a really good job. Then we went and played the rest of the day with friends!
Bella, Lilly, Hailey and Chloe all colored pictures for him for his birthday!!
Jon is always making fun of me because my mom sends me packages all the time...(which I love) but he felt a little left out so he told Suzi to send him a package ONLY for him for his birthday, thus his OWN package. With some fun goodies in it: a gift card, candy, little socks for baby boy spear(they are adorable)... he was happy!!

I gave him some new shoes...Sanuk's if you haven't tried these shoes before you should they are amazing. You can get them online!! We love them!!!

Then we had breakfast burritos. We always loved this little crazy placed called Beto's in Salt Lake that had steak breakfast burritos so we tried it out and I must say our's are SOOOO much better!!!

All Jon wanted for his birthday was gift cards to Lowe's so he could get a tool box. They say you become a man once you're married but for Jon it was when we bought the tool box!!!
Happy Birthday!!