Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Missy goes to Snowbird!!

I went down to Salt Lake to go on the Crohn's walk in Sugarhouse with my "Team" and also to go to our families Snowbird timeshare. Hailey, my sister's daughter liked me the whole trip she made me give her a piggy back ride for the whole walk. It was kinda cute...she doesn't see me a lot but she likes me still!!!

I finally got Hailey to walk some of the way!

Group shot of the Crohn's walkers!!! Go team!! We made our shirts...aren't they cute!! Our team name is the Digestion Divas!

We even fed the ducks after the walk!

I went and saw Bella play soccer too!! It was the cutest thing...watching all those girls run after the ball. Bella liked to hop around when she got to the ball it was kinda funny!!

Bella the big star of the game!!

Katie and I were at Bella's game and Lily wanted to take a picture. I had no idea she could actually take a good picture so I gave a cheesy did was funny that it turned out!
All the girls watching a movie together!! How cute is that!

Here are the girls being silly!!

Getting my hair dyed at Snowbird...and cut out on the deck!!

Here we are at October Fest~ Missy and Nana! Listening to music and eating brotwerst's!

We went to the park too!! The swings were some series swings!!! We got all four girls going at the same time...they had fun!

Going down the slide!!
More of the park.

Dede and Chloe going to get some coffee and apple cider in the morning!

We took a hike up to "the point" in Snowbird where you can see into the Salt Lake Valley...isn't it beautiful!

Baby Beau and Chloe getting a ride up to the lookout point!
Chloe liked looking for birds and squirrels.

Dede, Nana and Chloe at the point!

Chloe and Casey!!

The girls loved dancing on the fireplace ledge. Lily, Bella, Hailey and Chloe!

Baby Beau (Casey's sister's son), Chloe and Hailey eating pretzels!

Taking a walk - Lily and Bella

Chloe and Hailey.

When I came home from Utah my dad and Linda came up with me to pick up their puppy. I was sad to see him go....except Jon was glad.