Friday, April 29, 2011

Febuary Update

Oh man I am slowly ... I mean SLOWLY getting updated to the current month. I have so many memories that I want to document but I somehow am SO busy these days I don't get much time to do blogging. Finally it's summer time and I hope to get caught up, so here is some Febuary memories.

Nixon loves to snuggle in papa and mama's bed and pretend to be asleep.

Shhhh Nixon's sleeping!
Awake, he likes to get super close to your face too and tell you something, it's so cute.

For Valentine's day I made pink crepes and we had a nice big breakfast. Nixon thinks that the bumbo is his and he will tell Sadie it's his turn to sit it in.

Making a fun breakfast!
Happy Valentine's Day!! Yum Yum Yum

Sadie was all dolled up in pink for Valentine's Day and she was SO smiley in her carseat Jon took some pic's! What a cutie!!

So happy
Valentine's Night I made some chocolate fondue and we watched a movie and had lots of chocolate....oh man it was GOOD GOOD GOOD

Darby loves to lay under the crib, even with Nixon that was her spot, now Nixon likes to join her and it's so funny. I don't think Darby likes it very much though....invading her space and all that.

While I do rub downs with Sadie Nixon gets all the baskets out from underneath Sadies bed and hides in the middle, in between hiding with Darby under the crib of course.

It has been a long winter and Nixon is done with being inside all the time so I let him play with his outside toys in the garage.

Riding his car around and around!

Sometimes he even goes out in the snow to play in "Garret's car" I might be a bad mom to let him do this but man sometimes ya just gotta get out of the house:)
Cute kid in the snow!

Jon and Nixon made jello together and then we put it in the fridge to set up. I find Nixon a little while later with his head in the fridge DRINKING the jello.

He didn't have patience to wait for it to set up:)

Sadie and Nixon looked so cute one day both in green I took some pictures of them together. Nixon LOVES to hold Sadie and is really a sweet big brother.
This one I got Nixon smiling!
Giving kisses!

Again Nixon is smiling and Sadie isn't so sure!

Now Sadie smiles without Nixon looking....

Finally I get both of them smiling, after only 55 pictures.....thank goodness for digital!

Sadie is now four months old and we started a little bit of rice cereal, I love when you start food and they don't know what to do about the spoon.
Her stats at four months:
weight: 12 pds. 4 oz. in the 10%
height: 24.5 inches in the 25%
head circumference: 42 cm in the 95% (not a surprise!)
Still so little, my mom calls her a little teacup because she is so small.

It pretty much got all over and maybe a tiny bit in her mouth.

Nixon got to eat a Popsicle while Sadie ate rice cereal.
The mess of baby food, now it's bath time.

So happy with herself though, I think!

I am doing a new thing this year, as my new year's resolution, that I am trying NEW receipes. I have so many great recipe books and so ever Monday I try a new recipe. Sometimes it gets thrown out and sometimes it gets put into my rotation. This is meatloaf in peppers and Jon loved them and they are so cute I had to take a pic...I know I'm weird:)