Friday, October 29, 2010

Hosptial Pic's of Sadie Sue

On the day we left from the hospital they came in to take Sadie's picture, it is usually just some lame picture that we pass up because we can take lame pictures by ourselves but this time she had some props and cute ideas. We let her take some shots and of course I had to buy them, I am a sucker just like they knew I would be:)
These are my two favorite but they are all ADORABLE!!
This one shows how small she is with Jon's hands behind her!

I knit this pumpkin hat for her when I found out I was having a baby in October. I thought she would wear it in the hospital..haha!! Joke on me, it will fit her next year:) She is just so tiny!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sadie Susan Spear

Well the time has come to announce the arrival of SADIE SUSAN SPEAR.
She arrived on Friday, October 22 and was a whopping 5 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 inches long.
Here is the story of her day of birth:
We arrived at the hospital at 5:15am and I got one more baby belly shot in front of the coke machine to be like Nixon's last belly shot that we took in front of this same coke machine. I didn't gain as much weight with Sadie as I did Nixon but pretty close. I was nervous but excited at this point.
Then they took me back to the prep me for surgery. I got to be in a nice gown and beautiful hat and socks, just like I was going to the prom...ha ha!! Jon said i looked very motherly here in the hospital bed all ready to go! They put three bags of fluids in before surgery and it is room temperature so it got my arm all cold while it was flowing, thus I have a warm blanket around my arm.

We didn't go into surgery until 7 am so we got a little bored sitting there waiting for fluids to go in and the doctors to check in with us. Jon had to wear scrubs and a hat too, he tried to pimp out his hat.. looking sharp! While I was waiting I had to go to the bathroom, obviously three bags of fluids makes a pregnant girl have to pee, and Jon strolled me into the bathroom with my IV pole. While I was in there I started laughing and I couldn't stop, I snorted and made my eyes water and I was laughing at who knows what... it was so funny. Jon was laughing at me too and we are just sitting there in the bathroom laughing, I wonder what the nurses thought of us, but it is a funny memory. What do they put in those bags of fluids????

At 7 am they walked me back to the surgery room and cleaned off my back and did a spinal tap and made me numb from the chest down. It was pretty painful this time, I think because it took longer than I expected with all the pokes and I was uncomfortable, I felt a little nausea and hot but they got it under control and I was laid down and prepped without much more complications. Jon came in a little while later before they started the actual surgery. When I saw Jon i started to cry he asked me why and I said "i don't know." Do we ever know???
Here is a before shot!!

Sadie Susan Spear was born at 7:44 am. Here is here little head coming out, we are always amazed that they birth the head first and clean it all out before they pull the rest of the body out.

There she is ... "It's still a Baby Girl" they said.

Over to the cleaned booth, this time I could see this from my spot. With Nixon Jon would give me a play by play at what they were doing, but this time I got to see them wipe her off and weigh her, it was nice!!

Jon cutting the cord to a smaller length. It splashed I guess and got blood all over his scrubs!

Her weight shot, 5 lbs 9 oz. Look at that hair, it looks a little red???

She is not happy about the whole thing.

Then she got to come see momma. She didn't cry once she got wrapped up and warm.

This time I got to stay with her for a little while and look at this little miracle baby.

What a moment this was to hold a new baby in your arms. This is when I told Jon I decided to name her Sadie. It was in limbo before this moment.

She was pretty alert and had her eyes open as long as the light wasn't shining in them.

Jon then took her to the nursery and they measured her, 19 inches long.

Look at those toes, flexing away and stretching.

And of course, she crosses them just like her momma!!

Foot prints for the baby book.

Then Jon got to hold her and feed her a bottle.

The proud Papa.

I got done with surgery around 8:45 and they came in to see me and I got to hold her again.

Momma snuggle time!!

When we got back to the room she had a bath. This is a shot of the newborn diaper on her, it was HUGE.

We got preemie diapers after the bath because the newborns just fell right off. However the preemie's weren't that much better, they are still too big.

After the bath we fed her and then she had to warm up with skin on skin. That's my favorite time:)

She is SO tiny, it is so hard to try and feed her and hold her it's like there is nothing there. I felt like I was holding a fragile little doll, she is an angel!
My mom and Wally came up on Thursday and took Nixon that Friday morning. Later on they were able to come in and see Sadie.
Sadie is named after my mom so she was pretty excited to meet her and I think she could have held her all day if I would have let her.
When my mom got there she had been making a tiny hat for her to wear. All the hats I had knitted her turned out so big. So I helped finish the hat while my mom held her. I think it turned out pretty cute, and it actually fits her tiny head.
Sadie and Jon snuggling and watching the football game.

Nana and Sadie
I just couldn't get over how small Sadie looks in Jon's arms. She gets hidden in her blankets and when she is out she is SO tiny.
Sadie needed to get warm a few times so we had some skin on skin warming time.
Nixon came in after his afternoon nap, he was pretty excited to see us. When he saw Sadie he said "hold it, hold it" and "baby sister." This picture shows a thousand words though, he likes her but isn't so sure about the whole thing either.
He was actually really cute with her and wanted to hold her and give kisses. He kept saying "I'm a big brother"
Grammy holding Sadie for the first time.
Pompa got to meet his 9th grandchild.
Me and Nixon. I think the big bed made him a little nervous.
Mark, Sadie and Karen. A little family shot.
I can't believe we are a family of four now.
Cam and Rachelle came in and brought Jon dinner.
Katie was SO excited to meet her new cousin she had to come in on Friday night. She was adorable with her and was such a great big cousin holding her.
Friday night they weighed her and she decided to pee all over the scale. She weighed in at 5 lbs. 7 oz.
Having her hearing test, right in my arms. It was very interesting. She passed!!
Silly Nixon.

Linda and my dad flew in on Saturday morning to meet Sadie Sue.
Dad, Sadie and Linda.
They flew out later on Saturday. How nice to have them be able to fly up for the afternoon and spend some time with us and the new baby. You guys are awesome, thanks for coming!!
Family shot!!
Precious Baby!
She was so awake, I tried to take a couple of shots of her.
She loves her hands.

Jon was a champion in the hospital. I couldn't really get up and down very easily and so he took care of Sadie every night and I didn't even change a diaper while I was in the hospital. He was amazing, I must say I do have the best husband:) He didn't get very good sleep ever with the baby getting up and the nurses coming we got an hour here and there.

Nixon came in on Sunday morning and again was excited to hold his baby sister.

What a good big brother!!
Nixon was so cute with her:) It made me happy to see him so excited to see her.
I was knitting and holding Sadie at the same time and Jon had to take a picture.

They cleared me to go home on Sunday afternoon and we were excited to get out of the hospital by then.
I put her in the car seat and she disappeared. I forgot I had to move the straps all the way back down and they still were a little bit too big.
Ready to go home Sadie???

I made a shirt with her name on it to go home in just like I had one for Nixon. I didn't want her to feel bad later in life...hee hee!!
She is bundled up and ready to go home!!
My brother and Chloe flew in on Sunday morning and surprised us and came and saw Sadie at the hospital. What fun to have them there for the afternoon.

Thanks for coming Tim and Chloe we loved seeing you!!!

Jon got bored waiting for the discharge papers, so here is a shot of our room.
We were in room 2005, the year we were married:)
Let take this girl home and start figuring out how to make it with two kids:)