Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Dinner!!

I am really getting a good use out of the ball cake pans!! We made spider cakes out of them!! Jon missed his calling in life, he makes a great cake decorator.

The orange punch!!

We made BONE bread sticks.

The jello had spiders on top of them, which were very good:)

AND we ate ALL the casserole... before I took a picture hee hee!

I love making this Halloween Dinner for Jon's family. It is a little tradition and I have a lot of fun thinking of things to make scary to eat!

Black Roses Please...

So I love watching the show NCIS and if you watch this show you know the lab tech Abby... hello LOVE her. So I always tell Jon I want black roses, because Abby on the show sometimes get them. Well come to find out.... you can't buy black roses, who knew? So while I was at knitting group last week Jon found a way to make me black roses for Halloween.

You get white roses and spray paint them.

I was so surprised!! They are so awesome.. I LOVE them!! Thanks Jon, you are the best!

Fall Fun!!

Nixon and the dogs in the back yard with the leaves. It is turning cold here in Spokane and we are having some fun in fall weather.

Nixon wanted to pat the dogs and give them kisses while we were taking pictures... he is so silly.

Tanner has been playing football this fall and we went to his last game on Saturday. He is number 59, if you don't know he is the tallest boy usually.

He is the kicker... all the kids said he kicks it "REALLY hard."


My boys in their football hats AT the football game... they are so cute!

Jon loves his boy and Nixon is a total DADDY's boy!

Me and Nixon .. he didn't want me to take a picture of his bear hat.

Nixon has so many knitted hats.. I really need to find something else to knit.. haha:)

Nixon playing with the HULK HANDS!!

He is ready to box, watch out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The things going on...

Jon built a ladder to go up to our roof. It is so fun to go up there.

Nixon likes to go up there too, but it's hard to keep him from walking too close to the edge.

Me and my boy!

My sister gave Nixon this tent and a house and some tunnels for his birthday. I was able to get it back from Utah and Nixon LOVES it.
We took the tent outside and Nixon went in and out with the dogs.

Playing, Playing

Fun time outside!

This is the little house, we have it in our basement and Nixon hangs out it in a lot of the day.

The tunnels.

I tried to get the dogs to go through them, but they didn't go for it.

Thanks Katie for the fun birthday gift, that I meant to put up earlier on the blog!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Turning 26!

So it was my birthday this weekend and it's a tradition for us to go up to Green Bluff. It was a chilly day, which it usually is up at the orchards, and we were all bundled up for the day. Nixon looked so cute decked out in his autumn colors and pumpkin hat, which I made for him last year and luckily I made it HUGE so it fits him perfectly this year.
This is a classic picture of Nixon with his tongue out, tasting that crisp air I guess.
Jon and Nixon were waiting for the little train ride.

Nixon and I waiting for the train too.

Here we are on the train ride. The train just went around the orchards and was not too long, but it was fun. Nixon didn't say a word he just watched us ride along by all the pumpkins and apple trees.

While Nixon was on the train he liked standing on the bench and watching the train cars behind us.

Here we are at the pumpkin patch, isn't it cute.

Picking out our pumpkin.. ok maybe we didn't buy THIS exact one. We got free ones that were little, but that is not important for the picture:)

Jon and Nixon (our little pumpkin)

Nixon wanted to carry the pumpkin, he likes to be like his daddy.

Nixon liked the "hum" of the train engine. He loves the vacuum "hum" too, he sits there and puts both hands on it.

Cute boys!

Then we played in this pirate ship that was a mini play ground in a way. Nixon loved the window that he could poke his head out.

I told him to give me a kiss and this is a picture of him .. "giving me a kiss"


Up on the ship, with our rosy cheeks.

I took Nixon down the slide.. and totally fell right on my butt, it was embarrassing but pretty funny. I would have laughed at me too!

Nixon and Daddy on top of the ship.

After the ship, we went through a "little" of the corn maze.

We jumped out at Nixon when we could, he thought it was fun to be chased around.

There was string put up on some of the maze making is so you couldn't go this way, Nixon didn't listen. He thought it was a game to get to the other side.

He liked crawling under the string, he thought he was pretty cool.

Up at the top of the BIG castle.

After eating a VERY delicious caramel apple at Green Bluff we headed out. Karen and Mark were so nice to watch Nixon that night so Jon and I could go out to dinner. We went to The White House Grill, which is a great Italian restaurant. We went out with some of our friends too, Heather, Tyson, Jeff and Natalie. We had a great time!! Yum, it was good!

On my birthday I waited until Nixon woke up to open my presents. That was not until 10 am when Nixon finally woke up.. Happy Birthday to me!!!

My mom gave me a Harry Potter snow globe. It plays the theme and everything, it's so cute on my mantel.

Mark and Karen gave me cookie sheets. I need to make some cookies now:)

Nixon liked pulling the paper out of the boxes and throw it around the room, it was cute.

I let Nixon pull the paper off, it took forever because he thought each piece was such an accomplishment. We finally just ripped it off.

Yep, still ripping that paper.

I got a new shirt... cute huh!

My Aunt Connee sent me this present and it had a flatten bow, she said to make it look good again before I opened the present.
I did, it's cute huh!

She got me some books, to read to Nixon. We LOVE books!

I read to Nixon as he played.

He carried the little book around all day.

Then of course I made Gramsy's homemade cake for my birthday... and ate it in a few days:)

I realize now that all these birthday pictures of are me in my pajamas. I did get ready for the day, I promise.

This is a video of Nixon doing his animal noises, it's freakin' funny.

Nixon giving kisses, he is adorable.