Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The First Snow and The Monkey...

This is my favorite face... what a little stinker! This is early in the morning and he is so funny in the mornings.

Nixon has been climbing on EVERYTHING lately and he is getting pretty good at being a monkey and getting into trouble. He found out he can climb on his little table and see himself in the mirror. He thinks he is pretty cool.

This is the same morning... now he is climbing on the oven. TROUBLE!

He steps on the drawer handle and then climbs up and can open the oven if I am not watching.

Then it's off to the dump truck to ride around the living room.

Nixon got his shots on Friday and on Saturday starting have a runny nose and can't breath very well... I hate when my little guy is sick. Jon took a picture of them together and it makes me sad to look at that poor sick boy. He doesn't look very well, does he? Thank goodness he is feeling better finally today!

Last weekend it snowed for the first time... it was light but OH so pretty.

I LOVE the snow and it's about that time with Thanksgiving around the corner.

Raking Leaves Again and Again...

The leaves are softly falling down
They make a carpet on the ground
Then swish the wind comes blowing by
and send them dancing in the sky

We have been raking up leaves a lot lately and Nixon LOVES it!

But if the pile is too big he won't walk through it... who knew you could be picky about a leaf pile:)

Nixon could stay outside ALL day if only I would let him.

How cute is this boy???

We saw a BIG deer in the backyard. It was SO pretty and awesome to see it up close.

We have had a few fires since it is warming up. Nixon wasn't so sure about it, he wanted to touch it. But when I told him it was hot, he tried to blow it out:)

Nana came to visit us a few weekends ago. She cut ALL our hair and we went shopping and just had a lot fun.

Thanks Nana for visiting us, we love you!

Again the leaves... man oh man they never stop. Here is Nixon "helping" by giving Daddy a leaf:)

Nixon's turn with the rake.

I gave Nixon a bucket and told him to pick up the leaves, it was SO funny to watch him carry it around and put leaves, rocks, berries pretty much anything into the bucket.

Checking out his loot.

Then of course he had to stomp it down in the bucket. What a funny boy!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone. We had a lot of fun on Halloween and we hope everyone else did too. This year, even I dressed up... "heck why not" I thought. Nixon was an adorable T -i-double-ger that spells Tigger and wore his costume all night and didn't seem to mind at all. I was Abby from NCIS.. hee hee it was fun:)

Tigger... trying to get his hood off.

Jon and Nixon on Halloween night! Aren't they adorable?

Nixon stole Pompa phone out of his shirt pocket while he was sleeping on the couch... hee hee. He got it and then looked at Pompa like "Hey I have your phone."

Nixon with his pumpkin bucket.

Don't you just LOVE Halloween, it's so fun.

Pompa and Nixon.

Cody, as Thomas the Train.

Ryan in his pink shirt and crazy wig.. any excuse to wear his pink shirt!!

At Grandma's with all the pumpkins, she does a great job every year of decorating for Halloween.

Nixon "helping" Kathleen play the little piano. He liked following the big kids around all night.

I couldn't take enough picture of my adorable Tigger.

Me and Jon.

Brandon as Wall-e

Kathleen was a vampire.

The fire face pumpkin.

The skeleton pumpkin.

Oh and me .. as Abby.

The big spider is going to get me.. AHHHHH

Ok if this isn't the cutest picture ever of the kids Trick or Treating. Nixon only went to a couple of houses.

BUT he got his FIRST sucker and so we think it was a success.

He was lovin' the sucker.

Thomas was lovin' the Sprite.

Nixon got SO sticky and wet from the sucker... it was funny.

And a goofy picture of Nixon to end the Halloween night!!