Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Events!!

Jon took Nixon up to Grandma Spear's for pizza and pumpkin carving.
This was Jon's first pumpkin.

This was Jon's second pumpkin...Nixon was so excited when he saw it. How awesome is that???

When we got home from the hospital Nixon had A LOT of Papa time. Jon was amazing and took Nixon on all kinds of 'adventures' and played with him non-stop. He got this new car track and I loved listening to Jon and Nixon play with it in his room.
It has a jump at the end and Jon was able to capture this picture as the car came through it!!

Boys are so much fun!

Jon and Nixon taking the dogs on a walk.

Little Sadie!!

One morning I made muffins and Nixon kept sticking his finger in the batter and saying "way good"

Sadie's first sponge bath. Nana wiped her down and washed her bum in a bowl:)

For Halloween Nixon was a MONKEY.. he calls it his Monkey Suit!!

Jon took Nixon trunk-or-treating with Emily and her kids.

Nixon and Grammy

If you can believe it, Nixon LOVED Halloween and treat or treating:)

Nixon and Cam.... Nixon's mouth is blue from a blue sucker. He was full of sugar when he got home that night.

The bum of the monkey costume is so cute:)

The kitchen faucet went out on us and Nixon 'helped' Jon fix it!

Sadie's first outing was to Grandma Spear's on Halloween for homemade chili. This is Grandma meeting Sadie!

Nixon wanted in on the picture taking.

Garret LOVES babies and he LOVES baby Sadie.

Cam and Nixon

Our NEW family of FOUR on my favorite holiday:)

Nixon and with his baby sister.

He goes around the house saying "baby sister" and "let me hold it" like she is a toy or something.

Nixon went trick or treating to our close neighbors and his bucket was FULL after only 6 houses.

Random pic of Nixon
My mom was here for two weeks, bless her soul and she made this delicious apple pie that I took a picture of because it was THAT GOOD!!

Sadie's Photo Shoot

I borrowed my friend Holly's nice camera and we did a little "Photo Shoot" of Sadie at a week old just at home. We took so many, so here are some our favorites and some silly ones too:) We have some good ones of Nixon too, of course.

This is Nixon's hat

We tried some in a basket of leaves, because she is our fall baby!

Hello bumps!!