Monday, September 29, 2008

First Sunday at Church!

Well this Sunday Nixon and I braved all of Church. It was a bit crazy and I was a bit nervous but we did it. I am realizing quickly though how going to church with kids makes church a lot more fun in some ways and more difficult in others but after it's over I think to myself, "what were they talking about?" Hopefully I learned enough about the gospel up to this point because I don't think I will be getting any more out of church until my kids are all grown up!

Nixon looked so cute I had to take pictures, he looked like this little man in his outfit.

I knitted this pumpkin hat for Nixon this weekend, it turned out so freakin' cute I had to take a picture and post it!

It even looks cuter on Nixon's head!

I might have made it a bit big, you can never trust those patterns! Ha ha!

A cute picture of a tired little boy!

He is sure getting cute and such a good smiler! What a happy boy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trip to Houston Texas

My life is one BIG adventure!
Well I haven't posted lately because I've been on vacation. The beginning of September Jon went with his friend Trevor to Louisiana to work. He was gone for a week.... this was right after our Spear Family Reunion here in Spokane. Well after he left my mom came up for the weekend and then I flew back to Salt Lake with her (this post is fuller down, I am realizing now that i should have posted this all in reverse but you'll live ). Jon met me there in Salt Lake for a few days and then together we went to Houston Texas. Trevor was driving his family down to Texas to meet us there. It was a bit of a scary adventure with all the unknowns but we made it and now I am happy to be home but Jon is still in Houston for awhile. Thus, the adventure continues!
We didn't stay in this area but Jon traveled down to the Houston coast and this is what you see there.
There was lots of destruction from hurricane Ike. There was billboards all over without anything on them because they had been torn off, some weren't even standing, like this one.
This was pretty common even where we were at, the stop lights were spun around and facing all different directions. Thus, making a lot of lights four way stops!

This was a big sponge from all the water. Jon said you just sunk down when walking on the grass and dirt.

This is that picture aboves neighbor. Yes! There use to be a house on those posts!

Complete houses were takin' down... it was crazy!

I have a few funny stories to tell about this crazy trip. I will try to tell some through these pictures! There wasn't power sometimes and there wasn't cable or internet until the second to last day I was there. Lights were out all over the city and the cops were keeping everyone to a curfew so things were not open late. A cop actually tried to slow traffic down on the free way by yelling over his intercom to slow down, the problem was you couldn't hear him until you were passing the slow flashing police car.... yeah it was kinda funny!

Ok this is where we our trip to Texas begins. Flying in the airplane. Nixon rode in my sling (which was the best present my mom gave me... saved my life) he loves it!

The first hotel we stayed at had water in some of the rooms and the ceiling was leaking in Holly and Trevors room right onto the foot of their bed! Yes I am being serious! Luckily we only stayed here one night!
This is not a leaking faucet it is on full blast and fully hot to fill up the tub so I could take a bath. It took at least thirty minutes to fill up enough to get me wet!

Garrett was a champ and while we drove around trying to find stuff to do while waiting for our next hotel room to be ready he fed Brody and held Nixon's pacifier in at the same time!
Jon and Trevor found us some furnished apartments to stay in for the week which turned out to be really nice. Holly and Trevor and their boys stayed in a two bedroom and Jon and I stayed in a one bedroom. It had a washer and dryer even which was so nice with lots of dirty baby clothes!

This is Walmart! Luckily we didn't want anything cold... oh wait we did!

Cheese anyone! Velveeta or parmigiana? Cause that was our choices. And if you wanted milk it was half gallons and you could get whole or 2%. Also there was a $99 dollar limit on credit cards! No debit!

While we were in Texas Nixon really starting smiling!! I caught it on film even!

This one is the best I must admit, I don't know how I got him to smile this big at me!

He is getting better at tummy time too! He usually HATES his tummy but I know its good for him to have some so we are getting better at it everyday!

This river was close to our apartments!

Plus the apartments had two pools, the boys loved swimming in them at night when the big boys got home!

This is a turtle crossing the parking lot! I saw it one morning when my fire alarm went off because of the steam from my shower and Nixon and I were outside waiting for it to go off. Yes I was only in a bathrobe and some pants I had thrown on!

Porter and Garrett at the play area in the mall!

Holly and Brody and Me and Nixon relaxing waiting for our husbands to make us dinner! Ha Ha!!

After a long day there was always some swimming and hot tubin'

Johnny Mac "might" have tried to jump threw the rescue tube and got a nasty rope burn! I am sure it had nothing to do with someone telling him it was a good idea!?

I bought us all Texas shirts! Cute huh!

Texas boys!

All of us with our Texas shirts on! How cute are we!

Nixon's BFF Brody!! They are three weeks apart! How cute are they???

One day the boys took off early and we went to the Houston zoo! Man it was HOT and HUMID!! The babies ended up in their onesies to stay cool!

Garrett and Porter crawled through a tunnel in the fish exhibit.

The elephants!

This giraffe was tired and so he decided to take a seat!

Jon feeding Nixon along the way!

Pushing the best friends!

The bear was even hot!

Here we are melting at the Houston Zoo!

Melting some more at the zoo!! Someone get me a frozen lemonade:)

Garrett had a birthday while we were down there on September 21st.
Happy Birthday Garrett! He is now 5 years old!

He got some help opening his new Nerf guns.

One day we took the kids to the park! The babies really enjoyed it:)

We fed the ducks! Mason was slow at throwing the bread and almost got bitten by a duck a few times!

The boys loved it, they went threw a whole loaf really fast... they might have eaten a few pieces too!!

Nixon's first baseball game!! We went to an ASTROS game!!

We had great seats too, right on the third base line. Yes we did get a few balls hit our way. My job was to protect Nixon and Jon and Johnny Mac tried to catch them! A guy totally got hit right in the face though right behind us!
Chillin' before the game!

Go Astros!

Nixon wore his baseball outfit and looked totally cute!

Minute Maid stadium! Check this one off the list to go to! Now only 32 more to go!

I flew through Salt Lake on my way back to Spokane and had a small layover so my Dad and Linda met me in the airport and we had breakfast!