Monday, August 29, 2011

June 2011 Update

Here are some random pictures of my silly kids!
They love to play in the laundry baskets, Nixon calls it his "nest"

One out of three softball teams Jon is on this year.

Nixon loves to get in the crib with Sadie in the mornings and watch the mobiles with her. It's so cute to listen to them together over the monitor.

We were outside one evening enjoying the nice weather and we were playing with the camera. We got some fun shots of the kids!

Nixon in the weeds!!

Naked Time!! We have naked time every night and the kids love it!!

We went down to the river one night and let Nixon throw rocks in the water. He LOVED it and now every time we go over the bridge he asks "Can we go throw more rocks?"

We were the spectators and cheering section!!

By the river there is a race track for RC cars and they were racing, it was kinda fun to watch!! Nixon loved watching them go around and jump!!
Bath time, Sadie basically jumps in when she hears the water running. These kids LOVE the bath, I think they would take 10 baths a day if I let them. Nixon is so good with Sadie too, he is getting to be a great big brother.

Nana comes and visits!!

Brotherly love!!! Cute kids on Sunday morning!

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Ryan and Angela said...

Cody said, "Oh mom, I can see Nixon's butt!" on that naked picture. So funny.