Monday, August 29, 2011

May 2011 Update

Happy Mother's Day!!
I love being a mom, there is not greater job than that!!
I mean who doesn't love this little guy
Nixon loves to come and snuggle in the mornings and I think that's my favorite part of the day!!
This little girl is so loveable and can melt your heart. She loves her momma and loves to be held and snuggle.

For Mother's Day I made aprons for all the mom's in our lives. I think they turned out pretty good!!

Karen and her new apron. She is "Super Karen," the never stopping energizer bunny, seriously!!
Sadie Sue at 6 Months Old. She is my little princess that LOVES to chew on everything!!
6 Month Stats:
Head Circumference:

She has a cute pair of Ballet Shoes that she likes to eat not wear.

Nixon wanted to jump in and get a pic too of playing with Cars!!

Sadie chillin' on the love sac. Probably watching sports with Papa

What a stud!!

I went to a 80's Birthday Party for my friend Holly, I went all out and it was hilarious!!

I even went to the airport after the party to get my sister and mom and went inside, I think people were scared:)
Amber giving facts about the 80's!!
And of course, cupcakes!! And we played Buncho!!

Nixon getting a package from Nana in the mail!!

Cars, how did Nana know that is what he wanted???

My kiddos in their pajamas. Nixon always asked where Sadie is and if I tell him she is asleep he will say "I don't want her to take a nap, she needs to be awake with me."

Nixon is the biggest fan of Jon's softball team and he is the best mascot and bat boy!!

Nixon playing cars under the table, what a goof ball!!

He is hiding from Sadie, so she doesn't get his cars!! Cute Sadie, I love this face!!

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